FHTML, Inc., announces the availability of version 2.0 of its flagship product, FluidHtml.

March 1st, 2011

Westport, CT. Today the company announces the availability of FluidHtml version 2.0. The newest release is a huge leap in functionality, capabilities and ease of use.

According to Jim Kremens, Founder and CEO of the company: “The latest version of FluidHtml retains all of the advantages of generating Flash dynamically from markup, but now the language is congruent with HTML5. So it’s easier to learn, supports CSS3 rather than our own style sheet paradigm in v 1.2 of the product, and has added many new features only available in the latest release of Flash – like extraordinary text rendering, gesturing support for mobile applications and real-deal 3D.”

FluidHtml is free to developers. Enterprise licenses are available and provide full enterprise support.

EPAM becomes first Platinum FluidHtml Development Partner

January 3rd, 2011

Westport, CT. FHTML, Inc., announced today that Epam systems and the company had reached an agreement to partner together in developing FluidHtml applications for its clients. In addition, EPAM is the first company to achieve “Platinum” developer status within the FluidHtml community. Jim Kremens, CEO of FHTML, Inc. says, “Epam has developed a center of excellence around our core product. Their vision for the power of a markup language for Flash and the future of Rich Internet Applications on the web, mobile and, eventually, TV platforms matches our goals for the product perfectly. In addition, their developers have demonstrated enormous competency in FluidHtml, leading us to name them the first development company to achieve our platinum development partner status.”

HCL becomes FluidHtml Development Partner

December 15th, 2010

Westport, CT. Today FHTML, Inc. announced that they have signed a partnership agreement with HCL in which HCL has become a named development partner skilled at using FluidHtml for applications developed for its clients. According to Jim Kremens, CEO of FHTML, Inc., “HCL understand the benefits of having a markup language for Flash, and intends to build rich internet applications for its clients that leverage the productivity benefits and powerful features of our product.”

GlobalLogic becomes FluidHtml partner

June 9th, 2010

Global Logic, leaders in outsourced R&D, and FHTML, Inc. have agreed on a partnership to bring FluidHtml to their media clients. According to Ed Altman, Global Logic’s VP of Media and Entertainment, “Our media clients depend on Flash for rich animation and leading-edge video management. FluidHtml can dramatically improve their Flash productivity because it supports style sheets and re-usable animations. It’s mark-up language can allow our clients to build Flash applications much more quickly, and the product’s ability to make Flash applications SEO friendly is a huge advantage. We also believe the ability to generate Flash dynamically from a server, without compilation, opens the door to a much more personalized rich media experiences.”

CIGNEX becomes FluidHtml partner

March 1st, 2010

Westport, CT. Today FHTML, Inc., reached a partnership agreement with CIGNEX, a leading open source implementations company. CIGNEX sees the potential benefits of generating Flash dynamically in open-source content management systems environments.

iConnect Group becomes FluidHtml Partner

January 10th, 2010

Westport, CT. Today FHTML, Inc. announced that iConnect Group, a leading software services company in Reston, VA, has agreed to become a certified FluidHtml development partner. Amitesh Senha, CEO of iConnect Group: “We see important benefits to our clients using FluidHtml to generate Flash more productively with full SEO compliance. What can take weeks  in native Flash can be done in very little time with FluidHtml. We also see having re-usable libraries and style-sheets for Flash as a powerful benefit.”

FTI establishes partnership with FHTML, Inc.

November 1st, 2009

FHTML, Inc., announces that it has established a go-to-market partnership with FTI Consulting. FTI Consulting, a leader in media, entertainment and digital strategy, sought out the partnership, recognizing the importance of  FluidHtml’s ability to dynamically generate Flash.  Says Dr. John Cartoux, a managing director at FTI: “We see huge benefits for our clients who have to maintain hundreds of Flash websites and for advertisers who can, with this technology, dynamically generate Flash ads based on the consumer’s behavioral characteristics.”