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Role Of UI UX Design San Francisco In Branding

UI UX design San Francisco has a major role in branding. You want the brand to be perfect. Well, the user interface and user experience should be perfect too.

User interface and user experience are important components of the website as well as web and mobile applications. You need a great UI and UX design if you want your business to become strongly competitive. But did you know that both are also important in branding? This is the focus of this article.

Branding is essential in the success of a business. On the other hand, UI UX Design San Francisco is important in branding.

Importance of branding

For startups, branding may not seem like an important investment. There are a lot more challenges going on with startups compared to established businesses. The former is still trying to find their way in the industry. The latter is battling known problems and is only more concerned about how to get better.

But startups should really consider that branding has long-term effects. When you have a brand, you are thinking about longevity. Developing a brand takes time. You might have a brand in mind but if people or consumers don’t recognize it, then it’s not much of a brand.

Consumers will only recognize a brand if they are exposed to it often and for quite some time. You’ll notice that a lot of startups don’t care for branding. It’s just an expense that is sometimes quite large, that may not seem necessary.

Branding doesn’t really dictate the everyday operations of the business. The effects of branding cannot be seen every day. As a result, startups don’t consider it a necessary expense. That is further from the truth though. Branding is actually needed more than ever when you are just starting out.

Customer loyalty

Branding breeds customer loyalty.

Here’s how: branding allows people to get to know your business. It’s like a personal relationship. You feel a kinship to something or someone you know. It’s the same with a business with a brand. That brand is the personality of the business. If this personality is in line with what a consumer is looking for then there is a chance that they will become loyal to this brand.

Branding is so much more than just a logo. While the logo is the identifying symbol of the company, the actual brand is about the principles and values of the company. To make it clearer, let’s look at one example: Nike. This is one of the companies that have really created a great brand personality that endeared people and loyal customers.

Nike caters to athletes. But this doesn’t mean that their products are only for athletes. It’s a brand that people know will create products that are great for doing sports and other activities. Even for people who are not inherently sporty, as long as they will be active for a day, they would choose to wear Nike products because they know they are comfortable to wear.

For some, it’s not even about the products anymore. It could just be about the Swoosh—yep, the check mark logo of the brand. People know it’s a good brand, so they buy the products just to wear for a casual day.

It could happen to your brand, too. It’s important that the company has a target market. You can’t just say that your market is everybody. The importance of having a target is that you can focus your branding on that group.

As in Nike, the focus of the marketing was on athletes or the athletic group. Over the years, though, people just buy Nike because they like the brand—athlete or not, athletic or not.

For example, your company may target mothers. That should be clear in your branding. You should make it so that your marketing activities will speak to mothers.

However, in reality, your products are actually for parents—mothers and fathers alike. Eventually, when branding and marketing work well for your company, fathers will buy your products, too. Not only that, even those who are not parents may also enjoy it eventually.

But that will only happen when you have established your brand. That would take time and that is exactly why you need to invest on it as soon as you launch your business.

So, where does UX UI design San Francisco come in?

UI UX design San Francisco in branding

Launching a business also means getting the website online as well as the social media accounts. But let’s focus on the website. No business should launch without a website and even a website application. After witnessing how businesses suffered during the pandemic, businesses should already know how important websites are.

In fact, some businesses that were forced to close due to the pandemic chose to continue their business online. The overhead cost is so much cheaper that way. However, if you have to do that, make sure the UI and UX designs are top-notch. You also need to incorporate branding in the designs.

First, let’s talk about how UI and UX designs will be good for branding. The user interface is basically what people see on the device. It’s like the physical layout of the web page or web application page. User experience, on the other hand, is basically the user’s experience while navigating the web page.

Now, you need to incorporate your branding principles and values in both of these. So, in the user interface, you have to integrate the logo and the basic color motif of the brand. It will also help when typography is also consistent with the brand’s font or fonts. The fonts on the website and the brand don’t have to be the same if that’s not possible. But they should be similar. There should be consistency.

This will help users remember the brand. Branding and UI design both use psychological techniques. For the former, this is so people will remember the brand. For the latter, it’s more for people to understand what the website is asking users to do.

When you incorporate both branding and UI design principles on the website, you will surely have something that people will enjoy and remember. The user experience will seal the deal. If users have an easy time navigating the website, then they will relate that to the brand. They will be taking note of how the brand is making the experience good for them.

Users won’t think that the UX designer is making things better for them. In fact, not a lot of people are actually aware that there is a UX designer and what they actually do. That’s all down to the brand. The interface is an extension of the brand and so you want to use it as a means to attract more customers. It’s actually a great way to raise brand awareness.


UI and UX designs are important in the website. But you need to incorporate branding principles in it so that it would become more meaningful to the users. You want it to become meaningful because you want the users to be attached to the brand. When they are, they become loyal customers. That’s exactly what you will need for your business to survive, and eventually become a bigger brand.