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San Francisco Web Design Company: Web Design Trends To Apply

Even if we’re already in the middle of this year, you still have to know the trends in web designs that the San Francisco Web Design Company knows. Read this article for more information.

Designing a website is a real challenge. What does it mean? There are things that you have to consider. Of course, one of the most important aspects is to decide on the theme of the design. The design, generally speaking, should be responsive to what the potential users are looking for. This is why you need to hire a San Francisco Web Design Firm because they are knowledgeable and highly-equipped with tools and resources. Your website, always remember, is part of your overall business investment. So, you should make sure that the investment is worth it.

This blog post will cite some of the present-day trends in web designing. Despite the fact that we’re already in the middle part of the year, knowing those web design designs is still important. For your information, the trends are so fast. They change even faster than you can imagine. A San Francisco Web Design Company should know what trend is fit for your business website. And of course, you also must know those design trends. Keeping an eye on those website design trends is an essential key towards the achievement of real growth and success.

There are three main aspects which must not be taken for granted when it comes to web designing. The site itself should be easy to navigate, with data storage security, and must be highly responsive. Overall, the performance has to please and satisfy all users. When you realize all these things, your business will then achieve its full potential. Your brand will be visible on the web as your site is ranking on the top page of the SERPs. So, this is really crucial to choose the right website design. Knowing some tricks must be done. And the hired website design company has to create the right and appropriate site to represent your business on the web.

Page speed is king.

This is the first trend that you should not take for granted as a business owner. Your website should load as fast as possible. When you fail in this aspect, your business website performance will be compromised. There are tools you can use to check the speed performance of your site. The maximum time to be spent by a user when opening a web page should be around 6 seconds, not more than that. Why so? Because if your website takes more than 6 seconds to load a single web page, it will result in the discouragement and loss of interest of the user. The tendency is for that user to look for another website or source of digital information. Therefore, your business website badly needs an ultra-fast page loading speed.

Retro typography is making a comeback.

This is another trendy website design that you have to consider. When hiring a San Francisco Web Design Company, it is a must to consider the fonts or typographic style of the website content. The font style should be retro. This is a very cool idea when it comes to the typography of the website. It can attract more potential customers to appreciate and love your website. Remember that your success depends mainly on the number of people who will get attracted to your site. Retro fonts are somehow akin to vintage font styles. They are classic; therefore, their popularity will never fade. You can have positive results when you have a web design that follows retro typographic style.

Consider user experience.

Content is king in digital marketing. You should always keep in your mind the fact that people want to be happy and satisfied. Thus, the content pages of your site have to be pleasing and satisfying. Each of the potential customers or website users does have distinct needs and demands. Meeting them is somehow tricky and puzzling. However, you should be hiring a website design company to help you in this regard. As well, the graphical elements of the site should be fulfilling. They have to meet the expectations of the users. Prioritize the UX or user experience aspect. Otherwise, you will lose the full potential of your website to take a big leap towards sustainable progress. Your website should be considered by many potential customers as essential and vital.

Personalized content is a trend.

Did you know that personalized content is one of the most important web design trends this year? And guess what? This trend will last longer than you can imagine. Why so? Because it reflects the idea of user satisfaction. Satisfying the users is a subtle idea but doable. You can realize this by way of understanding the issues and problems that the potential market is facing. All potential customers have problems and issues. You should know them and by this way, you can easily personalize the content. Tracing and determining the localized keywords/phrases from the target customers is also another way you can apply in order to personalize the website content. Doing so can lead you to better results. Your business website can have a great chance to excel when the content pages on your site are personalized.

Horizontal scrolling is another thing.

This is another trend that you need to prioritize. Horizontal scrolling is a trendy matter in web design these days. Actually, this trend is just having a comeback. It’s already applied in the past then it’s gone. This year marks another year for it to become popular again. But remember this rule in web design. Don’t ever try to compel the users of your site to scroll the content pages horizontally. The action must be voluntary. So, you should incorporate alternative ways to scroll the content on your website. Clear visual cues must be indicative in the overall website design. Doing these things is great as it can result in more positive results which are favorable for your business website performance.

3D visual elements are acceptable.

Another thing which you should be mindful of is about 3D visuals. The birth of high-resolution digital cameras is the main factor why this trend has been popularized. For a few years now, 3D images and even videos have been really great and impactful. Concerning your business website design, you have to incorporate the three-dimensional graphics, animations, images and even videos. Incorporating them can result in more favorable output. You will be able to attract more potential website users. The result in the end will be better. You will be able to catch and attract the attention of many potential customers. Your website will become more popular on the search engines because of the number of people being attracted to your site.

Include chatbots in the web design.

Chatbots are like answering machines. They are programmed to cater to the needs of the users. All queries and inquisitions by the website users should be attended automatically, 24/7. This trend has been existing for several years now. Automating the customer support service is a digital leveraging process which can result in more benefits. Truly speaking, it is beneficial for your website. Even if you are sleeping, your website has to perform the tasks it is mandated to perform. Satisfying the customers must be endless and never-ending. There should be no specific timeline of service. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This should be the mantra if you want your business website to have the edge over the other competitors. In one way or another, you can gain competitive advantage when you install chatbots and other AI-based programs on your website.

Website content accessibility is vital

This is another trend to be explained in this blog post. The content of your site must be accessible to the audience. That accessibility aspect is akin to the need of your site to be visible. Therefore, the web pages should be well optimized. Optimizing your website is vital as far as hitting business success is concerned. The content pages should be relevant to the needs of the users. This is one aspect of a highly optimized website. Another thing is about doing on-page and off-page SEO to maximize the impacts of proper optimization. The site itself should have a continuing flow of traffic, juices and backlinks. By doing so, there is a great possibility that your biz site will rank high on the top page of the SERPs. When your site is visible, logically, it will become accessible to the target audience. One last thing in this context is that the content should be used by all users regardless of their physical abilities.

The site design should be interactive.

This is the last web design trend to be discussed here. The site design should be interactive enough. When the site is engaging and interactive, it can draw the attention of the users. Sharing the content pages is a probable impact. When the users of your site share the content with other people, your brand popularity will increase in the digital space. The result will even be greater than you can imagine. It will lead to more people to appreciate and embrace your brand. You can see an increase in the number of potential users to try your offers. Including polls and surveys is a typical example of creating a web design that is highly interactive and engaging.


Always remember that your website success depends on the overall site design. Then, the content structure is another factor. Make sure that all these things are carefully and intelligently crafted. For sure, your business website will perform well on the search engines.