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Top 10 UX Studios In Los Angeles: Why Are They The Best?

Make sure you only tap the best UX studios in Los Angeles to help you with your digital products. You need the best user experience design for conversion.

We live in a different world. A regular website will no longer fly. With competition and the heightened demand for online transactions, it’s best that you also invest in a really great user experience design.

Los Angeles is a place where you can have the best UX designers. It comes with the territory as L.A. is fast becoming a tech hub.

We’ve created a list of the best UX studios in Los Angeles to help you with your professional digital products:

1. Ramotion

One of the best full-service studios in the country, Ramotion was founded in San Francisco. But it has since found clients around the globe because of its knowledge when it comes to user interface and user exchange.

What really sets this firm apart is that it allows its team to really integrate with the company. This way, there is a real understanding of the course through both parties. Ramotion will understand the company’s values and principles.

The client, too, will know what the firm is about while also learning the process of creating a really great digital product design with focus on user experience. Also, even if you are only after the UX design, Ramotion also has branding and marketing expertise. It’s like you come for the UX design and go home with so much more.

2. Expedition Co.

“They always understood the assignment,” was the most common assessment of the clients of Expedition Co. This is a Los Angeles-based company that is always innovating. But the best part is that it doesn’t leave clients hanging.

Some firms are very exclusive about their innovative projects. They don’t want their clients to get involved, believing that they don’t need to be involved. Expedition Co., though, knows how to effectively communicate its process to the clients.

3. Digital Karma

The name of the company can be quite wacky, but it serves the purpose because people will never forget its name. But the name is just one thing about the company that’s special. Digital Karma is known for its responsive websites.

Of course, to complete a great website, a top-notch UX design would be needed. Digital Karma can provide that as well. It also employs Minimum Viable Product in order to save time. When projects are done earlier than usual, then it would also save money for the client as well.

4. XCentium

Located in Irvine, XCentium serves the California area. The company believes in tech-based strategy, which is why it is also focused on providing the best UX design for its clients.

The firm also helps its clients understand technology. A lot of startups that need tech services are not necessarily tech savvy. XCentium considers it as the firm’s responsibility to help the client understand tech processes and the importance of doing their job with the use of the cloud. The firm’s expertise includes UI, UX, CMS, commerce and cloud, among others.

5. Revolve

This is a Los Angeles-based creative agency known for being bold. Revolve actually has a niche clientele. It usually caters more to the entertainment industry. Just as Hollywood is known for pushing creative limits, so does Revolve—that’s actually why entertainment companies, both large and startups, enjoy working with the agency.

The company is still young. It was founded in 2014, but in its seven years of existence, Revolve has been able to find great clients that definitely enhanced its portfolio.

Revolve does augmented reality and virtual reality development, advertising, and UI and UX designs. It’s a great development package that suits the region quite well.

6. Alive Parts

Its slogan says: Tech is at its best when it feels alive. That also sets the tone for all the projects made by the firm. Alive Parts have done a lot of mobile app development, e-commerce development, and product design.

All these projects need functional UX design to prosper. No one would download a mobile app with terrible UX design and people will lose patience over an e-commerce site with a less-than-stellar user experience. Alive Parts really focuses on product design. The firm knows the value when design is treated well and done based on research.

7. The Branding Farm

This company is pretty straightforward with its name. It tells you what it does, which is exactly what startups need: branding. UX design is an important part of branding. It’s easy to believe that branding is just about logos and slogans. It’s actually so much more than that. When you have a great UX design, people are going to remember that as part of your brand.

The Branding Farm does branding through its digital strategies. It also does content marketing, another important component of branding.


What an apt name for a company that will provide the spark for your business. The company is an expert in creating mobile applications, which has become an important business extension. With more people now doing online transactions after experiencing the pandemic, SPARK6 has really made the lives of many clients easier.

The company considers a client’s needs as something personal. Every client deserves a personalized approach to their digital product needs. That also translates to the client’s need for appropriate UX design. Every digital product that the company does is well thought out and with the audience’s preference in mind.

9. Tool of North America

This company is known for producing award-winning marketing and advertising projects. Tool of North America believes that projects become successful when it tells a story. The goal is to tell a story in advertisements and marketing outputs.

That can be done in user experience as well. The firm makes the user experience more than just a convenient way to go about the page. It should also be an emotional process.

10. Ignited

Here’s another studio with a name that can really ignite your interest. The company can also help you with a digital product that will surely ignite success. Compared to its counterparts, Ignited is considered an older company as it was founded in 1999. But the firm loves to say that this was the digital era. Ignited certainly grew its experience as the digital technology also matured.

Ignited is a modern marketing consultant that provides important digital strategies to grow a company. Part of its expertise is a great user experience that would lead to conversion.

Get in touch with UX studios in Los Angeles

There are dozens of UX studios in Los Angeles and maybe even hundreds more that serve the general Los Angeles area and the rest of California. Sometimes, it’s not about finding the best studio in your region. More often, it’s really about finding the right studio for your needs.

You want a studio that truly understands what you need. Communication is going to be crucial here, so you have to make sure that you and your choice of UX studio have rapport for a smooth working relationship. It’s great that Los Angeles has a lot of UX studios. However, picking the right one is going to be hard.