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Top Qualities Of A Good New York Design Agency

What should you look for in a great New York design agency? If you want to do well in business, having a great agency is crucial. So, what makes a firm great?

If you want to see your business succeed, you better find yourself a great New York design agency.

There are a lot of design agencies in New York. There are startup agencies and there are large and established agencies, plus those in between.

Finding the right agency to be your partner in business is extremely important. Everybody wants success, but not everybody is going to have it.

So, how could a design agency make a difference?

For one, your business needs to be active online. There are so many ways to be active online and a design agency knows every bit of those. A great New York design agency doesn’t just know its way around online presence; it’s also an expert at it.

Why hire a New York design agency?

New York is a hub of various industries. It is the center of America’s finance and it is one of the major cities where fashion thrives. Because of the hodgepodge of cultures in New York, you also expect a diverse culinary experience.

Then there is technology and manufacturing. New York may not be Silicon Valley but there are a number of tech companies headquartered in New York as well. There are also a few manufacturing businesses, albeit, not a lot since real estate is quite expensive in New York. A manufacturing business needs a lot of space.

Of course, a lot of startups—covering different industries—also call New York home.

The point is, because of the presence of so many industries in New York, design agencies abound.

There is definitely a demand for design agencies because of the call of the times. Every business needs a website nowadays. Some companies have even explored the possibility of having a mobile app.

Then there is social media. A lot of startups launch with social media presence already in place, even if they don’t have a website yet.

Then there is also the matter of search engine optimization or SEO.

All these—websites, social media, SEOs, mobile apps—are just some of the responsibilities of a design agency. There is also branding and marketing to think about. With so many of these to think about, it’s quite overwhelming.

That’s exactly why you need a great design agency as a partner.

Here are the top qualities of a great design agency:

Great at communication

You know how some people—or firms for this matter—just say yes to everything and don’t ask questions nor seek clarifications? Avoid them at all costs!

You want a partner that is dynamic and participative. You don’t want an agency that says yes to everything. They are the expert on the matter so they can’t possibly just take your word for it.

On the other hand, you don’t want an agency who takes the reins and leaves you without a say. It’s still your business after all.

There should be a balance. A good company knows how to ask the right questions and takes directions extremely well.

Communication is very important in creating a good strategy for a business. You want to have your way because you have a specific direction for your company. On the other hand, you want to listen to what the agency has to offer since they know what you are doing.

If there is a debate during the meeting—that’s a sign of dynamism. Except, you don’t need to call it a debate, a healthy discussion works just as well.

The problem with agencies not asking questions is that they might assume. Assumptions could spell trouble for your business.

Expert at branding

You shouldn’t just launch a business, you should inaugurate a brand. What’s the difference?

The mom-and-pop store at the corner of your street is a mom-and-pop store. Meanwhile, a McDonald’s is a McDonald’s.

See the difference? You know one for its generic name while you know the other for its proper name. McDonald’s is a brand and you should aspire to be that.

Branding starts at the beginning of the inception of the concept of the store. It’s not just something that you pick up along the way.

This is what is great about hiring an agency with branding expertise to be your partner. They can do things with branding integrated into it.

This means that there are branding principles assimilated into your website and into your social media accounts. The agency could also advise you on branding for your store.

What this does is there will be uniformity in all aspects of the business. When people go to your store, they will immediately know that it’s from your company based on what they see on the website as well as on social media.

There is harmony in the themes as well as the values of the people within the company.

You know how some organizations have fired people based on racists behavior? That’s because these organizations are brands. They don’t want their brand associated with terrible characteristics like racism.

That type of principle is curated by a great design agency.


A great design agency will reply to your queries and concerns as soon as they can. No, don’t expect them to reply five minutes after you sent an email at midnight. It’s not about that.

They should be able to reply at the soonest acceptable time. When an agency doesn’t reply to you, it could give you anxiety.

Business is a part of an entrepreneur’s life. This is particularly true for startups. A lot of cases, the startup business is the life of the entrepreneur. In a way, the anxiety is understandable.

In essence, find an agency that will not give you anxiety.

This also covers deadlines. A responsive agency will be able to submit projects within the deadline. But the best part is that you will be apprised of its status every now and then.

This is the essence of partnership. While the agency will do things their way with as much freedom as they are allowed—for your sake and theirs—you, as a business owner, should always be in the loop.


This is an important quality in whatever business you are talking about. In fact, as a startup, you should also be professional in the conduct of your business. Reputation, after all, is also an essential trait among companies.

You want a design agency that is your partner but also one that is very professional. When you want a partner, sometimes the lines begin to blur. However, a good agency will never shed its professionalism.

This means that everything will be documented because records are important. If there are meetings, there should be a recorded minutes of the meeting.

There are a lot of design agencies in New York. But not all of them have the qualities that every startup needs when it comes to a partner.

If you hire a New York design agency, you should always think of it as a long-term commitment. A partnership between a startup and its agency should be a long one.