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Understanding The Role Of A UI Designer Los Angeles

Every digital product needs a great user interface. You will need a UI Designer Los Angeles for that. Here’s to understanding the role of user interface.

What is a user interface?

User interface is where humans and computers interact or communicate. Basically, this is the onscreen display. For laymen, it’s easy to say that it’s about beauty. You just want the display to look beautiful. But from a tech perspective, it’s more than just the physical aspect. There are also emotional and mental aspects.

What does this mean?

Aesthetics is surely part of it. You want the user interface to be easy on the eyes. But you also want people not to stress their brain too much. You want people to easily get what the user interface means when they look at it.

At the same time, you want users to evoke a certain type of emotion—a positive emotion—while looking at the user interface. It’s not necessarily your job to make sure that user interface is good. However, it will be your responsibility to ensure that will be the case when you hire a UI Designer Los Angeles.

What is the job of UI Designer Los Angeles?

Read and understand the context explained below.

While your job is to hire a great UI designer, it’s also best that you understand what it is that they actually do. It would be better for the business if you truly know the implication of having a great UI designer. UI design is sometimes confused with UX design. They are not the same. And just so you know, one is not more important than the other. They are equally important and you would really need both.

However, since the topic here is UI design, let’s focus on that first. Just to have a bit of idea what the UX design is, it’s not something you see. The user interface is what you see onscreen while the user experience is about how a user feels while navigating your website or website application.

In other words, the UX design is more about the navigation process and how functional the website is. Back to the UI design: the user interface is the visual aspect of the digital product—this could be the website or website application or mobile application.

Since it’s visual, it goes without saying that it should be attractive. But as mentioned earlier, creating something attractive is not limited to putting gorgeous images and using wonderful color themes. You want the user to be visually satisfied. It looks beautiful, yes! But it’s also understandable. Remember that you don’t just want people to look at the website. You actually want people to get to know your business and pay money for your products and services.

In other words, the UI design should not be as beautiful as an artwork that will keep people still. The UI design, in a way, will tell people what to do. Press here if you want to look at more products or press this to go to another page.

Another important aspect of a good UI design is that you are basically telling people what to do without writing all the words needed to tell the people what to do. A single word or two and an effective button are all the users need to understand the digital product.

Character trait: Understanding

The UI designer should have a great understanding of how the mind of a user works. The digital product, though, is aimed at a specific audience. Even if you want all types of people to purchase your products or services, there is always that core group that is the main market of your business.

It is important that the UI designer understands that so they could design a user interface that the core audience will relate to. While the UI designer has the job of actually creating a great user interface, it cannot be done without crucial information from your side.

As a business owner, you know who the target audience is. Not only that, you have a basic understanding of your audience behavior. This is critical information in making sure that the user interface is something that this audience will understand easily.

We are overusing the word understanding here: The UI designer should understand the core audience in order for them to create a user interface that the core audience will easily understand. That’s basically the crux of it.

When the audience understands the user interface, then it would be quite easy for them to go from one page to the other. The end goal, of course, is for the user to end up at the checkout page and pay for the products or services offered by the business.

Intuitive design

The UI designer should also be intuitive. This is different from being understanding. Intuitive is the use of intuition or instinct when designing for a certain audience. That intuition should lead to something great. Understanding is more or less based on facts. But intuition is more of a feeling.

This is where a UI designer’s experience as a user becomes crucial. One thing that’s very important about the user interface is that the user will get it without so much as a thought about it. People use technology or they want to go on the internet because they want convenience. They want everything to move quickly.

As such, they don’t want to have to think while they are using technology. When they are on a web page you don’t want them to pause and think about what they should do next. On the part of the user, it becomes instinctive to press this button because it was easy to comprehend.

The advantage of the UI designer is that they were also on the other side of technology. They are not only designers; they also know how it is to navigate a website. Basically, they know what would confuse people and what wouldn’t.

Spacing and colors are going to be essential in making an intuitive design. Again, this is going back to the notion of how a user interface is more than what meets the eye. It’s not just about what’s beautiful on the page. It’s also about what works well.

In a way, a great UI designer has a balance of creativity and knowledge. Knowledge of the critical aspects of user interface is necessary. But it’s going to be too basic without peppering some creativity into it. Aesthetics is still important because there are so many competitions.


The UI designer is surely the expert in the design process. But you also have an important role in the whole development. It’s your business, so your input is going to be necessary. But you should also know when to back off. You have to leave the UI designer a lot of room to breathe and to spread their wings.

That’s why it’s also important that you hire a designer that you can trust. It would be hard to spot someone you can trust in just one or a couple of meetings. You also have to do your own research before finalizing the hiring process.