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UX Design Agencies San Francisco: Why You Need Them?

UX design agencies in San Francisco are very important right now. Websites are even more important than ever and user experience is a major component of that.

You should read this entire article as it will lead you to some important facts and information as to why you need a user experience design agency. Your main goal is to make sure that your offers will be embraced and accepted by the potential customers, right? You have to follow a certain process and part of the process is to hire a UX design firm.

Why do you have to hire a user experience design agency? UX Design Agencies San Francisco must be among those with the most important responsibilities today with respect to achieving ultimate growth and dramatic success. A UX agency knows the secret for your brand to go to the next level.

Not only are we still in the middle of a pandemic, but the experience surely taught us that websites don’t cut it anymore in the business world. Businesses need to have a web app or a mobile app to survive in this cutthroat business.

Or if they don’t have the web app or mobile app, then they should at least be affiliated with a shopping or delivery service. But if you have a business, you should just do the whole thing: social media, website, web app, and SEO. The mobile app can follow later.

Importance of UX Design Agencies San Francisco

When it comes to websites and website apps, you have to call on a UX design agency. Many of the best ones can be found in San Francisco because it is a major tech hub in the country. Or you can hire a full-service design company that can provide you with all the services that every business should have, which include social media and SEO.

User experience is absolutely necessary for your website and web app. A great UX design is paramount in order to have a highly functional website that will provide a great experience for the user. Yes! It’s called UX design because it is about a user’s experience when they are navigating the website.

In a way, the UX design will fulfil what the user wants from your website. And that want should also be fulfilled fast. A great UX design is also part of your marketing strategy. When users have a great experience on your website, they will become loyal customers. One important characteristic of a loyal customer is their ability to share it with other people. Your website and its wonderful UX design could bring in customers in droves.

On the other hand, if your website has a terrible UX design, the users will simply leave the site and look for another one. You have to know, there are 1.7 billion websites on the worldwide web. A lot of these have the same products or services as you. A good UX design is one way to really get ahead.

How to find the right agency?

Now, what would be the most important thing when you hire a UX design agency? You need a meeting! Meeting an agency about your website or web app is extremely important. The meeting will let you know if you will be able to work things out smoothly.

Think of it as like a date—do you and the potential partner have rapport? No matter how good the agency is supposed to be, if you don’t communicate well with each other, it will show in the output.

During the “date,” you have to ask questions. List them down before the meeting so you won’t forget anything. Some UX agencies would just share the solution to you. Yes, solution! You see, a UX designer, in a way, provides a solution to the problem.

The general problem is how to make navigation on the website or web app simple and smooth. The specific ones will come up during the creative process.

You don’t want a simple and general solution problem. Instead, you want the agency to be able to explain to you how they arrive at that solution. You don’t just want a monosyllabic date—or a date that gives you generic answers. You want to get to know the person better.

It’s the same with the agency. You want to know them better and one way to do that is to really understand the process of the working relationship.

UX design process

Did you notice that we called the agency a partner? Because that’s precisely what the agency is. It is your partner in providing an efficient website and web app for the target audience.

The work is also collaborative. For instance, the UX design process is not just about creativity. There is also a lot of research involved. It would be great if your company will be able to provide the agency with the necessary information in order to create the most efficient yet brand-savvy website and web app.

Key to this is knowing who your target audience is. Since it’s your business, you know better who your target audience is.

So, why is this important?

The user experience will be patterned on the target audience’s wants and needs. Generally, the website will be for everybody. But it would have to be tweaked so that the perceived customers will have the most positive experience while navigating the website and web app.

If your website targets mothers, then you have to share that with the agency, so it could create a website that mothers will find relatable. At the same time, you want a website to not alienate the other people. There is a perfect balance to that.

Then, both you and the agency will have to create a functionality map. Okay, so this is quite technical, so the UX agency will be the lead on this.

However, your input will be needed to. So, what is this exactly? A functionality map provides the hierarchy of the pages and subpages of the website, as well as the web app.

This is extremely important. You see, they say that a good UX design allows a user to be where they want to be in just three clicks. The functionality map basically identifies the steps that the user treads on to reach the desired page or function. Through the functionality map, the agency can see which part should be improved so you could follow the three-step rule.

By the way, this rule is not set in stone. But it is there to emphasize the need for simplicity when it comes to websites and website applications. There should be no burden on the part of the users to navigate a page. It will be to the business’s advantage if the user has it easy.

If the user experience is positive, the user will most likely stay on the site longer. That will also increase the possibility of the user actually purchasing something from the site. Further, if the user is satisfied with the purchased product or service, there is also a big chance that they will be posting it on social media or telling their kin or friends about it. The advantages just go on and on.

Test and improve

Before the website and web application go live, they have to be tested by users. It’s like a focus group discussion except that the group will actually try to navigate the website.

This is very important because you want to be able to spot the imperfections before they become live. It’s best that you meet problems early on so that they can be solved or else people will talk about it and put your reputation on the line before the business could even make a name for itself.