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UX Designer Los Angeles: UX Design Best Practices Disclosed

Revealed in this blog post are the best practices that UX Designer Los Angeles is able to do. Continue to read for more details.

Is UX Design Los Angeles really important for your business? The given question is great as it will enlighten your mind on why you are advised to look for a UX Designer Los Angeles. If your business is located in this city, then you are on the right page today. Your business will go to the next level given the chance that you can hire the best designer who is specializing in UX and UI designs.

Why look for UX Designer Los Angeles?

Improving the experience of the users is very important for success. Of course, no customer will appreciate a company that fails to satisfy him. Bottom line is, user satisfaction is an essential component. You can only succeed as a biz entity if you are able to make your customers really happy.

Finding a way or solution on how to make your customers happy is quite a challenge. The development aspect of websites and mobile apps requires the web solution providers to be clever and intelligent in implementing user-based approaches.

There are three main reasons why you need to look for a UX designer in Los Angeles. First, it is a sound decision which can really make your business successful. Second, it is a cost-effective approach which can contribute a lot for your business progress. Last but not least, it is a surefire way to satisfy and fulfill the demands of your customers.

Best practices of UX designers ever

Let’s start!

Observe simplicity in each page.

For your website, for example, each web page must be simple. Meaning, don’t ever try to put everything in every page. Observe the so-called “minimalist approach” in designing. What does it mean? In every single screen page, there has to be a uniform context. If you are selling products in a particular listing page, you need to put just one product. Why? To help people have convenience and comfort. This is not friendly for the users to encounter a lot of products in a particular page.

It will lead to a catastrophe if you are going to pull the trigger of trying to maximize every landing page by putting things together. In every web page, as much as possible, there should be fewer clicks and just a few links going to other internal or external pages.

Observing minimalism is a requirement. It is very friendly if you are going to do this. That is why you need to hire a user experience designer who can apply this principle. Your web pages are not the same with a Swiss Army knife. What does it mean? Consider each of the web pages as a cool page that does not offer everything in it.

Don’t use a complicated design.

This is another practice that you have to abide by. What does it mean by saying that you don’t need to use a complicated design? Simply put, friendliness is the thing that you have to show to your audience. The web design must be simple yet attractive for the potential customers. If you are going to have a lot of complications then it will cause your audience to reject your website.

Take note that the human brain has cognitive limitations. Don’t put too much pressure in the user’s brain. Imagine yourself being the user of your site. What things do you really need? One clear thing is you want a much simpler website design because a complex one is not friendly at all. Find the right UX designer who can help your hired website developer in creating a friendly website with a simple design.

There has to be a balance of the design.

You are targeting the satisfaction aspect of the potential customers, right? Each website user must be treated as valuable for without him your business is nothing. The point is you need to have a balanced website design. The interface must be responsive to the needs of the users.

In putting a balance, you have to consider your potential users as seekers of something that is valuable. They are seeking things which are important for them. They will not stop finding the thing that they want to have, that they want to possess. Bottom line is, you need to put a balance in your website design because this is the only way to help the users avoid having discouragement during their search for that valuable thing.

The best thing to do is to make sure that your web design is impressive and aesthetic. Though simplicity is suggested, it does not mean that you will neglect the idea of design aestheticism. Each landing page should be able to provide value for the users until they will press the purchase button of your website.

Avoid having distractions in your web design.

Distractions. Are they good or bad? Of course, it’s not okay if your web design does have a lot of distractions. A UX designer knows the value of this principle. You have to make sure that your website pages are created in a way that they can provide the users the needed experience. Great experience, to state it clearly.

Distractions will happen when your web design does have irrelevant elements. For instance, color combinations. The colors to be used should be relevant to one another. They need to portray what is being expected by the audience. Don’t use colors which won’t reflect the essence of your brand. Why? Because they may distract the full attention of the web users. Instead of having more leads and conversions, you can expect an increase in the bouncing rates.

Negative spaces are a must to be practiced.

Negative spaces are also known as whitespaces. What are they? They are the space of your web design which does not have anything on it. It’s an empty space, clearly speaking. When you are trying to portray or visualize something, you need to observe the principle of whitespacing. Read this to understand more.

Maybe, your concern is the so-called “horror vacui”. What is it? It’s about the fear of emptiness. In web design, you should avoid filling all spaces. Why? It’s not friendly at all. The potential users of your site will lose their interest in your offers. They will resort to finding a new provider of the needed solution. Therefore, you have to avoid filling in all the spaces in every website page.

Avoid double or multiple pop-ups in your homepage.

This is another practice which you really need to conform to. Multiple pop-ups are not friendly at all. They have the same effects with filling in all spaces in every web page. They can cause the loss of interest among the potential customers.

What to do to avoid double or multiple pop-ups particularly in the main homepage? A single pop-up which may contain a freebie, i.e. eBook, is sufficient enough. It will draw the interest and attention of the potential customers. So the popup window should be established in a way that it won’t hamper the experience of the users. It’s a great technique which you have to observe with diligence. You have to be clever in implementing this particular strategy - the use of a pop-up click button.

Observe the so-called visual hierarchy.

There is another statement to explain this context. Present your cards very carefully. Considering the UX aspect of a website design, you have to observe visual hierarchy. The degree of importance of each web page should be identified and determined. Otherwise, you will lose the full potential of your website to attract the target customers. It’s a nice idea to see to it that the hierarchy of the web pages is observed, from the most important pages to be on top, to the less important pages to be at the bottom of the hierarchical structure.

In the same way, you should be able to present the content of your site with cleverness. Each content page has to convey brand-related stories. But then, those content pages which have more value or weight than others must be found first by the users. They need to contain CTAs which will direct the users to click on the purchase pages or buttons. This is how to increase your sales and revenues.

Be conscious of the story you are sharing.

Digital branding is the process of using digital platforms in conveying the message of your brand. It has to be executed cleverly and wisely. What does it mean? The shared stories should be powerful and valuable. The absence of this principle can detriment the performance of your website. Always remember that each website user is expecting you to share relevant stories. So, you have to be very conscious about it.

In your content pages, you have to break the points that you are trying to emphasize. This is to allow the users to dissect the essence of your content page easily. Remember that you have to make them happy and satisfied. Failure to realize this can lead you to ultimate business failure. To avoid this from happening, all you need is a conscious execution of the right strategy relevant to storytelling. Be conscious when you share the story to the audience. Allow them to be happy with the story that you have.

Conclusion: Find the right UX designer now!

It’s about time now for you to find the best user experience designer who will work for your business website and for other business-related digital projects. If you want a recommendation, you can try Ramotion today.