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Web Design Los Angeles California: Secrets To Having A Great Website

Creating a website that converts should be your first goal as a business owner. Hire the best Web Design Los Angeles California agency today. Read this article for more details.

One of the most successful businesses in the world today is FedEx. Check their unique selling proposition. It’s very unique. And their logo is plain and simple yet catchy. They also have a great website that offers a wonderful experience to each user.

Why are we starting with the concise story about FedEx? Because this is a good example that with proper branding, you can have success. Not overnight, but you can have it in the long run so long as you are holding your grip while running your own business.

The need for a website has been emphasized these days by marketing experts. Hence, you need to check on the services offered by Web Design Los Angeles California. In this blog post, you are going to be taught on how to have a website that converts. A converting site is a great requisite in today’s business landscape.

Briefer of a high-converting website

Whether your business is small or big, you need to have a website to represent it online. Digital representation is the new style of branding in the present era. Having a high-performing website is key to success.

A well-optimized site is what you basically need. When we say an optimized site, it simply means a site that is able to rank on the top page of Google search results. An optimized website is the one that is capable of hitting competitive advantage. There are lots of websites on the Internet these days. Yours might just be one of so many sites to be found in a certain business category. You still have the chance to be on top so long as your website is created with proper optimization.

The design of your site must be great. Why so? Because you can hardly achieve success when your site has a poor web design. The performance of your offline marketing team is not enough to sustain your business operation, more particularly today that there is a global pandemic. Today, the real battleground of all businesses is the Internet.

User conversion is a tricky thing. What is it by the way? It has the same implication with lead conversion. It’s the conversion of leads into sales and revenues. The moment a certain prospective customer buys your offer on your site, then it turns out as a user conversion. Plain and simple, your website design and its content architecture really matter. The conversion of your website depends on the design and all other related elements.

Keys to having a performing website

You have to consider that there are characteristics that a site should have for it to become a highly-performing one. This must be the goal that you should hit. The site should be focused on the conversion rates. Pleasing the audience is very important to meet this end-goal.

Further to say, the site must be easy to navigate. What does it mean? Every time a user opens a web page, it must open not more than 6 seconds after clicking on it. Website speed really matters. Why so? Because you have to provide a great experience to every user. Thus, you have to see to it that the website is free from any possible interruptions.

Another thing is that the website should be clearly branded. It implies one thing. You are using your website for branding purposes. In branding, you are actually conveying the message about your brand promise. In today’s business landscape, it is done through a website wherein you are sharing engaging and relevant content to the site users. Each content page has to contain brand-related phrases and keywords. Each content page must have a story about the greatness of your brand.

If you want to achieve great success, you have to follow what FedEx has been doing with their unique selling proposition (USP). Their selling point is focused on providing the customers the greatest experience ever. They want their customers to have their package overnight. Is it a unique selling point? Of course, it is! The creative and aesthetic aspects of your website must also not be taken for granted. The point is that you have to impress the audience visually. That is why the color scheme, typography, graphics, images, and even animations must be sufficient to please the eyes of the users.

If you already have an existing business site, you have to check everything on it through a comprehensive audit. This is to ensure that your site follows all the tricks and tips primarily given above.

Wait, there’s more.

Discussed below are more tips to have a converting website

Provide the needed value for customers

You have to prioritize the welfare of the users of your site. It means that you have to provide every customer with a value. Valuable content and information are the first rule of thumb in this case. Did you know that every user wants to be fed by valuable content? Every user expects something that is useful for them in terms of information sharing and dissemination.

Value proposition must always be at the forefront of your website strategy. You can expect to have an increase in the number of leads to be converted into sales when your site is highly valuable. So, your site value is one of the central points which should be prioritized. Otherwise, you are going to lose the full potential of your business to stand out.

Because you are doing digital branding with your website, you must have a concise approach in sharing the content. As much as possible, the users must be able to understand the essence of your brand with just a single short sentence. The customers will truly love it.

In proposing the value to the target customers, you have to observe consistency. Meaning, the used slogan, brand logo, and other visuals should consistently be used from day 1 of your business operation onwards.

Make sure that the layout is really awesome

What is by the way an awesome website layout? It’s the layout that works for the satisfaction of the end-users. Be creative as much as possible. This is the reason why you have to look for the right Web Design Los Angeles California agency. Why? Because they are capable of creating a website that has a wonderful layout.

A predictable website layout is advised. It has been found out by surveys and studies that when a business site has a predictable site layout, it will increase the chance of that site to attract more leads. And remember that when you have a number of leads, it will result in more conversions. More conversions mean more income and profit to come inside your pocket. Right?

The simplicity of the design and the corresponding layout is a must. This is to ensure that you can have the best website performance ever. Take note that your site performance is the main factor for you to hit massive growth and real success.

Website navigation performance has to be great

One of the most important principles to be applied when creating a website involves the aspect of navigation. Of course, some of the website pages in your site have call-to-action texts. Those CTAs are done to direct the users where to go next. And this is the essence of navigation.

Now, the point here is that each of the navigational instructions through CTAs should be friendly to the users. Otherwise, you are going to lose the full potential of your site to attract more customers and to convert those attracted customers into real customers. The navigation is friendly when every site user is allowed to open every page in the fastest possible way.

Avoid those destructive buttons in your site. Keep everything simple and friendly. By doing this, you are assured that your site is going to perform well according to your plan and vision. The website users will be discouraged from retaining on your site when they feel that navigating the pages is not friendly. The responsiveness of the site really matters in a sense.

The labels of your site navigation buttons should also be friendly. It implies they need to be understood so easily. Don’t provide every user a sort of hardship every time they will land in one of your landing pages. When a user experiences a destruction, for sure, he will omit and leave your site to look for a new one which is able to provide him what he expects.

One last thing in this context is the observance of Hick's Law. What is it? Don’t provide a lot of options to customers. Instead, simplify every page. Concerning listing pages, you need to show one product per listing page. Why so? Because if you are going to mix up things in one page, the users may find it so destructive and unfriendly.


This article is already done discussing the elements you need to know to have a great business website. It is about time for you to decide on matters that will impact your future as an entrepreneur. Choose the best website design agency to help you achieve your goals and objectives. Don’t just settle with a freelance website designer and/or developer, nor choose to create your own site through a DIY strategy. It’s not good at all. What is needed is you will hire a credible and legitimate website design company.

Do it today!