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What To Look For When Hiring A UI/UX Designer Los Angeles?

If you're starting a business, you know how important a website is. Well, it's also important to have a UI/UX designer - Los Angeles to help with the product.

Everybody knows how important a website is for business. However, you should know that a website is not enough. You should have a functional website with a great user interface and user experience.

Starting a business means that you need a UI/UX Designer Los Angeles. It would be another expense, for sure, but it’s definitely worth it. A great website, one with amazing UI and UX designs, can take your business a long way.

The UI / UX effect

The importance of a great UI / UX design can be illustrated in your own experience with a website and website application.

Say you are looking for a particular product and are led to a website that sells that particular product. But when you open the website, it’s just not attractive at all. The pictures are ugly and the colors just don’t do justice to the company. What would you do? Are you going to stay and look and just give it a chance?

Okay, there are two choices for you: One, since you’re already there, you might as well browse the products, right? Or two, you could leave and look for other sites that sell the same products. This is exactly why UI / UX designs are important. You don’t want users and possible customers to leave your site because it’s not attractive.

But this is more on the user interface. That’s what people see first. Now, you might be compelled to leave the site because the interface is not attractive. No one can blame you considering there are so many other companies that may be offering the same products.

However, if you are not turned off by the interface, think about this: If the UI design is not good, what makes you think that the UX design will be any better?

UI and UX are different. They are also usually done by different designers. However, the two are related. The user interface is basically what people see on the device. It’s the page and how the elements that make up the page look together.

Yes, an attractive interface is important. However, what makes an attractive interface could be totally different from what is generally attractive. When it comes to interface, there is the right typography and color scheme. It’s also important that you or the designer employ the right psychological integrity for the UI design.

It’s related to the UX design because the interface will lead you to the buttons to press in order to navigate the website. The functionality of the site is what the user experience design is about. Web users should have an easy time navigating your website.

They shouldn’t feel like it was a burden surfing through the website. They should also be on the page they want to be in the shortest time possible or in the fewest buttons possible. The web application, for example, was created to provide convenience. People can buy online or pay online through a web application.

When the UX design will make a person press too many buttons just to buy a product or just to seal the deal, then the convenience is no longer there. If the UX design makes it more difficult for a person to do business, then the convenience is no longer there.

What’s the point, right?

This leads us to the necessity of finding the right designer for your website.

UI / UX Designer Los Angeles

Finding the right designer is going to be crucial. There are probably hundreds of UI and UX designers in Los Angeles alone. It’s going to be difficult to choose. And you shouldn’t just choose the first designer you come across with.

Just because you know that the UI / UX designer is important for your website, it doesn’t mean that you just accept anyone that comes your way.

There are qualities that make a good UI / UX designer. Here are some of the things that you should be looking for:

1. Body of work

This is a no-brainer. Of course you need to check the designer’s body of work. You need to see if their UI and UX designs are to your liking.

So, you go over the websites that the designer has made in the past. This is not just about how great they are—a lot of them should be good at their job if they already have a body of work. It should also be about compatibility.

Did they do something that’s closer to the output that you want? Or maybe they haven’t but you just enjoyed the designer’s versatility. Also, you have to look at multiple designers. If you have a list of five designers, then you need to check out their portfolio to see which speaks to you more.

But just because you have chosen one portfolio as the best of the rest doesn’t mean that you are done. You need to get to know the designer more.

2. Communication

After seeing the portfolio, you may then call a meeting with a few designers you have been eyeing. A meeting is important because you want to get to know them better. Communication is important when it comes to a working relationship. This is not about finding the most articulate designer—of course not. But you have to hire a designer that could speak to you.

If you have a rapport during the meeting, then that’s a great indication that the working relationship would be smooth. It’s also during the meeting that you’ll find some characteristics that you may not want.

You might not like arrogance. That’s something you can glean from a meeting. Or maybe you like arrogance because you feel like it’s a trait that is often linked to pride and that means someone who is confident about their work. There is no scorecard here. It’s just about what type of person you could work well with.

3. Intuitive

The UI and UX design should suit the users. This is not about you or the designer. It’s really about the audience. That’s why you need the designer to be intuitive. They should know what the audience will like and what kind of interface they would like to see. It’s the same with the UX design. What would make the audience like the design more?

In the actual work, this is a coordinated task. There should be research involved to identify what the audience will really like. However, you want to figure out during the interview process if the designer actually has intuition.

UI and UX designers are really problem solvers. Intuition plays a large part when it comes to solving problems. Prepare questions that would make designers showcase their intuitive nature.

4. Fee

As a startup, this is going to be very important to you. You need to find a designer that is good, yet just within your price range. On the other hand, you can’t just choose the cheapest one. It will make you wonder why their value is too small.

Finding the right UX / UX Designer Los Angeles is not and should not be easy. You have to do your due diligence to find the best one.