FluidHtml is a cross-browser, cross-device, rich markup language for the web.
FluidHtml is a markup language that renders Flash dynamically. This powerful idea means that any web developer can create SEO-friendly Flash animations, applications and websites without years of experience. Since FluidHtml is HTML5 compliant, your markup can run in HTML5 environments without Flash. Yet, FluidHtml brings the extra animation power of Flash when you want to go beyond HTML5. Take a look at our demos to see what's possible.
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FluidHtml selected as one of the top 50 technologies of 2009
MG Siegler - Adobe’s Flash product has obviously been an integral part of the web for many years now. But it still has a major weakness when it comes search engines and complexity. While Adobe and others have been working on solutions to make Flash-based website more Google-friendly, they’re still nowhere near as crawl-able as regular HTML-based pages. FluidHTML or “Fhtml” is a new server-side markup language that hopes to merge Flash-like functionality with the easier-to-use HTML language. Obviously, trying to create what would essentially have to be a new web standard is no small task. But the group behind Fhtml thinks they have a shot to do it because Flash is so widely used by millions of sites on the web who want a better visual appearance than HTML can offer. Aside from just Flash, Fhtml is also going up against Silverlight another Adobe framework, Flex. But Fhtml claims to be not only simpler than both Flash and Silverlight, but more powerful than Flex. Another downside to Flex, Silverlight, and Flash is that they all must be compiled. Fhtml, like HTML, does not need to be. This makes it a lot easier to edit on the fly. And because all of those are more complex, they often require a special developer with just those skills to create a site using those technologies, Fhtml promises to be much simpler. And because it’s server side, the company says that Java developers, PHP developers, Ruby developers, .NET developers and Python developers can all write Fhtml in their native language. Read full article and see a video of Jim Kremens, the company founder explain the product: TC50: FluidHTML Wants To Rewrite The Web With Flash-like HTML
FHTML, Inc., announces the availability of version 2.0 of its flagship product, FluidHtml.
Westport, CT. Today the company announces the availability of FluidHtml version 2.0. The newest release is a huge leap in functionality, capabilities and ease of use. According to Jim Kremens, Founder and CEO of the company: "The latest version of FluidHtml retains all of the advantages of generating Flash dynamically from markup, but now the language is congruent with HTML5. So it's easier to learn, supports CSS3 rather than our own style sheet paradigm in v 1.2 of the product, and has added many new features only available in the latest release of Flash - like extraordinary text rendering, gesturing support for mobile applications and real-deal 3D." FluidHtml is free to developers. Enterprise licenses are available and provide full enterprise support.

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