Mobile app design concept - museum ticket aggregator

A mobile application design concept, created by Ramotion mobile app design experts, that curates museum visit suggestions based on a user's monthly budget, featuring a city-centric search


The mobile application is tailored to help culture enthusiasts curate their museum visits. Users input their monthly visitation budget, and the application generates a list of museums they can visit within that amount.


Design Elements

  • Branded Typography: The application uses a custom typeface, giving it a distinct and recognizable appearance.
  • City Search Bar: Positioned prominently, this feature allows users to narrow down museums in their desired location quickly.
  • Price Filter: An adjustable filter to specify the monthly budget, ensuring the museum suggestions are within financial reach.
  • Field with Quantity of Founded Museums: Once a city and budget are chosen, this field displays the number of museums available for visitation within the stipulated budget.
  • Museum UI Cards: These display the discovered museums based on user criteria, complete with ratings and brief descriptions, ensuring a snapshot view of each option.
  • Tab Bar: A bottom navigation facilitating ease of access to:

    Events: See ongoing or upcoming events in selected museums.
    Tickets: Directly purchase tickets or passes for desired visits.
    Notifications: Alerts or reminders for ticket bookings, events, or updates.
    Places: Overview of selected museums, with mapping or navigation options.
    Profile: Manage personal details, preferences, and past bookings.

Interaction Flow

Step 1 - City Selection: Users start by inputting their desired city in the search bar.
Step 2 - Budget Setting: Users designate their monthly museum budget using the price filter.
Step 3 - Event Ticket Purchase: Once museums are selected, users can browse through events and seamlessly purchase tickets within the application.


The application ensures an optimal museum search experience, tailoring suggestions based on individual financial constraints, thus saving time and effort while promoting cultural exploration.

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