Paper Onboarding UI library for mobile app development

Amaze and stun your customers with a set of beautiful onboarding screens that could enhance your mobile application experience.

Paper Onboarding is a unique material design UI iOS UI library written on Swift. With our mobile app development company division, we decided to develop this widget with several onboarding screens and release it to public use.

The installation process of Paper Onboarding is pretty simple and requires a small amount of your time. You can choose one of the four following methods to install it:

– Add the Source folder to your project
– Use CocoaPods with Podfile - pod 'paper-onboarding'
– Carthage users can add to their Cartfile - github "Ramotion/paper-onboarding"

Before you hit the "Enter" button on your keyboard and start downloading our UI library package, we suggest you look at all the benefits it can provide.

– An excellent way to start your user journey - in most cases, the new users will have some difficulties navigating through an app, especially if the interface is unfamiliar. Providing a tremendous first-time user experience is critical to the success of an app.
– Explain your app features - as we mentioned, your app interface can be unfamiliar to new users. So Paper onboarding can be an excellent opportunity to explain how your app works and give some basic instructions.

As a final point, we will mention the type of commercial projects this onboarding UI library is best suitable for. E-Commerce, Finance, Entertainment, and Retail - these are the ones that Paper Onboarding is the best fit for. However, since this widget is a set of onboarding screens, it won't be bad for any other business industry project to utilize them.

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