Branding and iconography design for a printing experience company in San Francisco

An innovative and creative company, Ink, developed a flexible solution to utilize printing services rapidly and painlessly.

Ink is a printing experience company that produced a new way to create and get things done with their custom print shop. Ink is one of the first steps into the technology future by making a fast and painless hardware and software solution for printing services. Together with our San Francisco branding agency experts, we ventured ahead with our collaboration and refreshed their company brand identity.

During the “design funnel”, our team started preliminary analysis on numerous interconnected concepts and distinct product attributes. It allowed us to study various brand development approaches while addressing the pros and cons of each suggested option. Later on, we developed a few brand logo designs and stopped on the drop of an ink signature.

All in all, our team devoted a lot of time and attention to the Ink brand identity, focusing on producing a precise exposure of their product and establishing the company’s competitive positioning. As a result, both our and Ink teams were tremendously excited to have excellent results for their digital solution.

ink style guide
ink icon set

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