Digital branding for Fitsy fitness trainer application

A professional and user-friendly fitness mobile application that allows you to freely compete with your friends over the various course of activities.

Fitsy is an interactive and dynamic fitness mobile app made for personal trainers. It allows the users to compete with their friends in different sports activities like running, surfing, etc. During our close collaboration with our digital branding agency, we were tasked with developing a new brand identity for their upcoming app.

As a first step, our team began with moodboards and the analysis of the product itself, where we identified its feelings, shapes, moods, and emotions. As a result, it allowed us to study various brand development approaches while addressing the pros and cons of each suggested option.

During the core steps of brand identity logo development, our team focused on the joint activity that the users are involved in with their friends. Competing with each other, being more energetic, and constantly driving themselves to the limits - that’s the core metaphor we wanted to show. In addition, we’ve added the puzzle effect on the brand logo design since this shape could create a seamless pattern.

fitsy logo
fitsy app logo sketches
fitsy logo exploration process
fitsy app identity sketches
fitsy app drawn exploration
fitness app dynamic elements exploration

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