Onboarding UX design for BuddyBank online banking app

An innovative and modern mobile solution, Banking Buddy, implemented the app for the next generation of online banking digital products.

Buddy Bank is an innovative and ingenious banking app developed for the next generation, filled with all modern technologies. The Buddy Bank client chose us to work on their project and establish stunning onboarding design assets among other UX design firms.

Our client's primary objective was to create an intelligent onboarding flow that included a chatbot and natural language processing. From a visual standpoint, we chose a white and blue color scheme because it is still one of the most effective ways to evoke a sense of trust and security. However, because this color scheme is quite formal and authoritative, we added rounded buttons and waves to the design to make it more approachable.

When creating new mobile application interfaces (especially the onboarding ones), a design expert should follow the same brand rules or guidelines for all product components. In our situation, we redesigned the Apple and Android mobile platforms' user interfaces accordingly. This way, we guaranteed that all design elements were aligned correctly.

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