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Our agency web design studio creates marketing websites and landing pages that help to tell brand stories, increase conversion and build trust.

Descript marketing website

Website front-end and visuals for the world's first audio word processor

Mozilla Labs
mozilla labs
Mozilla Labs

Designing a website for innovative projects by Mozilla

Transcend marketing website

Website for Data Privacy Infrastructure (DPI) company backed by Accel

Clause marketing website

Web design for a company that connects contracts post-signature to APIs

FLYR marketing website

Website for dynamic pricing and offer management solution for airlines

Wizeline marketing website

Website design for a technology company that provides software solutions


We see marketing websites as an essential tool that allows brands to tell their story and showcase what makes them unique. Marketing websites should carry a tone of voice that syncs with the chosen brand attributes to help send the right message to the target audience. While designing websites, we apply key brand identity elements to create a cohesive experience that reflects both the state of the brand today and their strategic goals and aspirations for the future.


Our web design process generates a consistent website or app that reflects the brand strategy, visual identity, and verbal identity of the brand. It also helps to establish a prominent position on the market.

User experience
  • Discovery
  • UI/UX audit
  • Information architecture
  • Copy and CTAs
  • Layout prototypes
Design & front-end
  • Visual design & interactions
  • Front-end development
  • CMS
  • Iconography & illustrations
  • 3rd party integrations
Technology stack
  • ReactJS
  • Gatsby
  • Webflow
  • Contentful
  • DatoCMS


Established brands and growing startups backed by top VC firms from the San Francisco Bay Area, New York, Los Angeles and other tech hubs.

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wizeline logo
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truebill logo
final logo
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“Ramotion was fast and efficient without sacrificing quality. Their team of designers and developers brought our vision to life and we are thankful for their expertise.”
Dan Brown

Dan Brown

Senior Marketing Manager at Mozilla

“They’re very responsive and go above and beyond to meet our needs. We continue working with them, which is the best sign of our satisfaction.”
Andrew Mason

Andrew Mason

CEO at Descript, founder of Groupon

“We built a wait list of over 100,000 email addresses when we were launching our product, and they had a hand in helping us to pull web designs together and build the product after that point. Now, we have thousands of happy customers and testimonials from them.”
Andrew Cramer

Andrew Cramer

Head of Cards at Final (Acquired by Goldman Sachs)

“They hit all of our goals and delivered on the schedule they originally proposed. They accommodated the changes in our initial requirements as we needed them and quickly adapted.”
Ritik Malhotra

Ritik Malhotra

Co-founder at Elph (Acquired by Brex)


  • How does your web design process look like?

    1. Discovery

    Requirements gathering: user personas, key use cases, competitive analysis, current pain points, business goals, industry best practices.

    2. Audit

    Equity analysis, areas of opportunity, takeaway synthesis, WCAG 2.0 accessibility check.

    3. Website structure

    Information architecture (IA), website map, writing copy based on the verbal identity and the IA.

    4. Design concept and layout design

    Visual positioning, mood-boards, 2-3 concepts of the key web pages, high-fidelity wireframes, interactive prototype when applicable.

    5. Visual design

    Web page visual design application.

    6. Structure and HTML/CSS development

    Implementing all pages and content in CMS. Developing web pages and components.

    7. Visual content

    Iconography, illustrations, photography style.

    8. Integrations

    3rd party integrations (e.g. Google Tag, a/b testing tools, CRM).

  • How much does it cost to hire your website agency?

    Our pricing depends on the scope of work, team structure, and a rate card. The hourly rates start from $100/hr for a web designer and go up depending on expertise. A 10-15 pages marketing website for a tech startup usually starts from $50,000 and up. Our SMB and Enterprise clients typically hire us on Time&Materials models when our experts extend their in-house teams with our design and development capabilities. This approach allows us to be flexible with any changes and start fast.

    All our proposals and quotes based on our hourly rates, even though we work with a fixed budget most of the time.

  • Do you work with startups?

    We love working with startups. Most of our clients are tech companies, and some of them are growing early-stage startups. This relationship is fruitful and leads to acquisitions. For example, we worked with Bitmoji, which was acquired by Snapchat, Wyre by WorldFirst, Final by Goldman Sachs, and a lot more. So you are in a good company.

  • How long does it take to design a website?

    If it is a marketing website, we allocate more than 350hrs on design and 250hrs on the front-end development. A very rough time estimate starts from 3.5 months and goes up.

    When estimating a website project, keep in mind pieces like copywriting, visual content like iconography, illustrations, or photography. In addition to that, the design complexity of the future website defines the timeframe. It can be a simple static one-page website or interactive storytelling with beautiful animations. Our goal is to help our clients identify what works for them and set them up for success.

  • Do you provide website maintenance services?

    The release of a website is just the beginning. We are highly recommending hiring us for maintenance work so that we can continue supporting constant iterative improvements. We have a retainer for maintenance work. It is an amount that covers a certain number of hours of a developer dedicated to closing new tasks in your bug tracker, implement new design fixes, and make sure you have a seamless handoff between our teams. We support our clients' projects as long as necessary.

  • Do you provide only design or web development as well?

    Our team consists of experienced web designers, front-end developers, QA engineers, and content strategists. As a result, we provide both design and development for our clients.

    It is always better to do both under one roof, and it saves time on design hand-off and communication between teams. The ultimate goal of a website is to serve business purposes. And the only way to make it happen is to deliver everything from information architecture, to design, development and maintenance.

  • How is your web design agency different from the competitors?

    Our team is intentionally small, working solely with tech companies or businesses that have unique technology leverage. We’ve been doing this for more than ten years. In addition to designing websites, we perfected other offerings like brand identity design, iconography/illustrations, ui/ux design, app development, and design systems. It allows us to provide much more valuable and complete results.

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