8 Best UX Design Bootcamps in Los Angeles

Still searching for the “UI boot camp near me”? Worry no more, as we have prepared the 8 best design schools in Los Angeles.

Written by RamotionDec 1, 20215 min read

Last updated: Feb 1, 2024

People are more inclined to return to a user-friendly app, which indicates that the first impression does matter when it comes to design. The research process of your target audience is an essential component of a UX design, which also requires a deep understanding of programming, which is not easily acquired. Thus, to keep up with the design trends and satisfy your customers, numerous companies of Los Angeles offer online and physical UX design bootcamps. So if you are still searching on Google for “UX boot camp near me”, don’t worry anymore! Our UX design agency Los Angeles team has prepared all of the relevant ones in this article.

BeachCoders Academy

BeachCoders Academy is a four-week intensive UX UI design course covering programming languages, the theory history of UX, and modern practices. The course is divided into four parts and begins with an introduction to various topics like waterfall methodology, user research, rapid prototyping, and site maps. The remainder of the course covers more advanced subjects in user experience. The total cost of the course is around $2,500. You can attend it online, or you can attend it directly in Los Angeles.

General Assembly UX Course

General Assembly UX design immersive bootcamp provides a one-day in-person workshop. The bootcamp aims to provide students with a practical and clear introduction to user experience design. Students will learn how to apply design thinking ideas and tactics that result in successful products, how to use the "design studio" process to drive innovation. Students will also participate in hands-on activities: user research, persona design, and user flow analysis. Even by today, it is considered one of the most popular design schools in Los Angeles.

UX night school

UX night school is a UX bootcamp that has a development workshop for grownups working in the design industry. The vast majority of their approach is focused on educating the basics of user interface design and analysis. They have affordable public workshops, consulting services, and onsite training, but as of right now the entire school is closed and they may only open in the next year.

UC Berkeley UX design

UC Berkeley UX bootcamp is considered one of the best UX bootcamps in Los Angeles. Exactly there, you can gain experience in a studio-style approach that emphasizes collaborative interaction in order to provide a more active learning environment. Students will gain an understanding of user experience design concepts, practices, with an emphasis on personas, qualitative and quantitative research methods, the product development cycle, information architecture, content strategy, and wireframes, among other topics. Evening and weekend classes are available to accommodate your job schedule while you study. The total cost of the online course is $7,793 via online classes.

UCLA UX design certificate

This particular UI/UX bootcamp provides a thorough education on developing compelling and strategic user experiences. Alongside various industry experts, students will learn the latest strategies, techniques, and technologies to deploy world-class user experiences in a fast-growing digital economy.

The User Experience Certificate is ideal for workers seeking a career change. Students will gain in-demand skills from certified experts. The curriculum teaches students how to use UX design tools while emphasizing user empathy and human-centered design. Students will develop their artistic abilities while evaluating user interaction processes and verifying end-to-end usability. It’s 100% online and can be completed in 4 quarters.

Design Lab UX Academy

UX academy Designlab offers an intensive online curriculum that prepares students to become product designers through collaborative mentorship. Students must complete a four-week introductory course where they are partnered with an expert mentor who assists them in developing their knowledge of design concepts, visual design, and user interface design. Overall, the course consists of over 480 hours of UX design training and projects for a 15-week full-time basis. The total cost is higher than other entries on the list, which is close to $7,000. It is considered one of the best UX design programs in Los Angeles.

GrowthX Academy

GrowthX Academy is one of the best UX design bootcamps, a self-paced, online course in user experience design. It is organized to instill a deep awareness of user experience processes and tactics in students. The UX bootcamp will last around 12 to 16 weeks and teach students the principles of user experience design, UI design, and analysis. Students will gain several skills, including the capacity to create personas and journey maps. The course has a lot of videos, online quizzes, homework assignments, and video calls. The total cost of this bootcamp varies from 8,000 to 12,000, depending on the specific curriculum you choose.


Springboard is the best UX bootcamp if you want to have a long-term education in UI UX design. During a nine-month online program, you will dive into 35 courses that cover various topics: design thinking, synthesizing, user research, wireframing, sketching, and design sprints. Students will complete important design projects throughout the curriculum. Such UX bootcamp varies from $12,000 to $15,000, depending on the payment method.

In Conclusion

UX bootcamps are great places for you to acquire all of the necessary skills and insights for a UX expert. This profession will live as long as the mobile app market grows further and further, creating more opportunities for these specialists. Otherwise, If you are looking for a specific UX bootcamp San Francisco course, you can find them via the previously highlighted link.