Healthtech Startups in Los Angeles

Want to find out all of the most healthcare companies in Los Angeles? Browse these 25 most anticipated medical startups.

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Last updated: Feb 8, 2024

Los Angeles is home to several world-class hospitals and a growing network of startup healthcare companies, developers, and investors. The flourishing business is researching specific data, empowering patients, streamlining innovative practices, and generating new ideas about the medical industry. Today, our Los Angeles web design firm decided to present you with the 25 most valuable and most anticipated healthcare startups Los Angeles.

How valuable is a web app to a health startup?

After the global pandemic, the production of quality digital products of healthcare companies Los Angeles rose to prominence. A solid web application for the Los Angeles health startups is an essential and valuable component in their business. Thus, it is a mandatory requirement for every company to represent their services online with excellence.

A solid web application for the Los Angeles health startups is an essential and valuable component in their business.

Furthermore, the healthcare industry is unquestionably the most vital sector of any economy, as it directly impacts people’s ordinary life. With the global pandemic, their significance has only risen even higher. Now healthcare is being taken more seriously than ever before.

Science 37

Founded in: Funding amount:
2014 $410.0 M

Science 37 is a mental health tech startup that provides researchers with end-to-end digital solutions. The company's clinical trial operating methodology utilizes a mobile application to enroll patients in the experiment. The company has created a virtual media platform for collecting data from clinical trials conducted on-site. Researchers can utilize the platform to manage tests, collect data, and communicate. The digital transformation tool enables users to investigate trail design possibilities and aid with virtualization. The company's product includes recruitment tools, a patient enrolling system, and other features.

Modern Animal

Founded in: Funding amount:
2018 $89.0 M

Modern Animal is one of the healthcare companies in San Francisco that developed an online appointment booking platform for veterinary care. Users can freely browse healthcare professionals based on their requirements and schedule appointments through voice or video calls. It provides easy digital access to the list of records of every treatment their pet has received. That allows users to retain all health-related information within a single dashboard. It also assists physicians in scheduling and managing clinic visits through a remote Telemedia platform.


Founded in: Funding amount:
2016 $79.0 M

Voxelcloud provides a digital solution for the automated analysis of medical images. One of the most promising health tech companies, Los Angeles offers such service through artificial intelligence and cloud computing technologies, one of the most profitable health tech companies. The AI constructs a medical image graph based on the given semantics. Cloud computing, on the other hand, enables simple integrations by providing in-browser image displays. Diseases like lung cancer, diabetic retinopathy, coronary heart disease, and liver disease are constantly getting comprehensive treatment options with Voxelcloud.

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Founded in: Funding amount:
2016 $73.0 M

ScratchPay is a veterinarian payment solution for all animal lovers, one of the startup healthcare companies located in Los Angeles. The platform assists veterinarians in developing payment plans for pet owners. Pet owners can receive treatment at any partner clinic with the existing app and pay the total amount within 30 days or in monthly installments for 1 to 2 years. Interest rates vary due to the platform's meritocratic ranking system. So before a user can go ahead and receive a necessary pet treatment, he would need to login inside the app, enter the required information and only then can he obtain a rate and choose a payment plan.


Founded in: Funding amount:
2019 $53.0 M

Entos uses machine learning technology to do energy evaluations, essential in research and development laboratories. The company's technology aids in the analysis of quantum molecular simulations. The software analyzes the data for the atomic representation of the molecules using mean-field-cost quantum computations. The software is capable of identifying molecular gaps within a molecule. It aids in the molecular detection and modeling process.

Care Revolutions

Founded in: Funding amount:
2015 $50.0 M

Care Revolutions assist nurses in determining and setting their shifts. It is an online platform that enables medical centers to control their schedules and rate preferences. It also allows clinics to monitor nurses’ availability, view shift confirmations, and communicate directly with nurses via their messaging system. It’s a pretty simple medical startup with great potential.


Founded in: Funding amount:
2014 $1.3 M

Impact Health, situated in Pasadena, was founded to alleviate the pain associated with obtaining health insurance. The medical startup's technology simplifies the process, enabling consumers to get health insurance in as little as five minutes. Whether you're a small business or an individual, selecting a healthcare plan is time-consuming and perplexing. Impact Health's platform streamlines this process for all parties involved, allowing customers to spend their time and money elsewhere.

mPulse Mobile

Founded in: Funding amount:
2014 $42.0 M

With over a decade of expertise, over 100 healthcare clients, mPulse Mobile develops industry-leading technology that enables delivering targeted conversations that generate outcomes. They apply various behavioral science, analytics, and industry knowledge to assist healthcare firms in motivating consumers to adopt healthier behaviors. Their solutions do more than enhance the member experience; they also significantly improve results and enable healthcare organizations to collect valuable data.

Chronus Innovations Inc

Founded in: Funding amount:
2019 $78.0 M

Chorus Innovations is a digital healthcare platform that assists healthcare organizations in developing digital health solutions. Chorus Innovations' platform enables healthcare practitioners to construct visually appealing and highly functioning apps without coding or programming skills. Healthcare providers can use the no-code platform to build surveys and patient portals and integrate SMS and voice into their apps. By far - one of the most impressive healthcare startups in Los Angeles.

Honeybee Health

Founded in: Funding amount:
2017 $5.4 M

Honeybee Health is a HIPAA-compliant online pharmacy dedicated to providing patients with prescription pharmaceuticals at a fraction of the retail price. Honeybee Health, founded by a team of IT specialists and pharmacists. The company combats the pharmaceutical industry’s high prices by offering prescription delivery for a tenth of the cost of other merchants.

It is a well-known truth that many pharmaceuticals are priced significantly higher than their actual cost of production. Honeybee Health is committed to proactively addressing this issue by offering complete openness in its pricing decisions, ensuring that patients pay reasonable prices for vital pharmaceuticals.


Founded in: Funding amount:
2011 $910.0 M

GoodRx is a medical startup that empowers people looking for the most excellent prices on prescription medications. Its website and mobile app offer over 500 million pricing possibilities for over 6,000 different pharmaceuticals, as well as real-time updates on discounts, promotions, and price changes.

For many Americans, prescription drug prices have long been a source of frustration. While GoodRx is a type of "Amazon for medications," its actual business is information. By providing transparency to the prescription medicine industry, GoodRx incentivizes merchants to have more open connections with their consumers by ensuring they receive fair prices on their most critical prescriptions.


Founded in: Funding amount:
1986 $16.72 M

While 1-800-DENTIST has retained its old-fashioned brand, the company is more than a pioneer of the information revolution brought about by digital technology. 1-800-DENTIST was one of the first medical matchmaking businesses, connecting people to various physicians even before the internet became widely available. It has progressively extended its online offerings, becoming one of the most formidable networks of its sort in the process.


Founded in: Funding amount:
2014 $15.0 M

Anagram is one of the healthcare companies in Los Angeles that helps healthcare organizations to produce healthcare benefits for those who can’t really pay for healthcare services. The company's mission is to simplify and streamline paying for healthcare and utilize insurance benefits for patients.

Given that people frequently refuse quality healthcare owing to out-of-network insurance plans, Anagram enables doctors to accept any network, eliminating the need for providers to manage paper claims or patient denials. The company helps providers earn more money by choosing which networks to join, setting the right prices and discounts to support their patients.


Founded in: Funding amount:
2010 $178.0 M

Headspace is an online digital platform that offers guided meditation sessions and various materials for mindfulness training at your place of convenience. Users can access every single resource via the website or a mobile app. The program includes resources for stress management, improving your sleeping behavior, and resilience building to promote a calm state of mind along with the positive emotions of pleasure. Additionally, it enables users to keep track of their eating, power napping, and mindfulness progress. With the massive variety of programs, every user will discover a calm mind within their consciousness.


Founded in: Funding amount:
2014 $172.0 M

Heal is a mobile application that enables doctors to attend on-demand physicals or online home visits via the app. Users can easily schedule appointments, request home visits from various doctors, or arrange online video consultations. On the other hand, the doctors will write prescriptions and refer patients to other specialists who can further help the patient. It is a straightforward yet effective digital solution steadily being implemented in the US’s separate and private healthcare providers.

Applied VR

Founded in: Funding amount:
2015 $71.0 M

Applied VR is one of the health companies in Los Angeles founded by Lieberman Research Worldwide, one of the world's leading marketing research businesses. Its mission is simple - develop the first virtual reality software tailored exclusively for healthcare needs and applications.

While virtual reality is a popular topic right now, and its applications in healthcare are numerous, applied virtual reality is not a trend. It is being followed by decades of clinical and academic research and already established strategic alliances with top hospitals and universities all over the USA.


Founded in: Funding amount:
1999 $6.4 M

The amount of data collected in the healthcare industry is gigantic. For that reason, one of the healthcare companies in California, Medversant, has created a platform that unifies lots of files and databases into a single hub. Even their main company motto states, "One provider, one record."

Medversant estimates that 50% of provider records are inaccurate at any given time. Medversant aims to change that with a straightforward concept and a diverse set of applications. Its Virtual Review Committee can significantly reduce time lag and bureaucracy in the health and human service professions.


Founded in: Funding amount:
2014 $95.0 M

Vim acts as a medical startup that represents one online marketplace for various healthcare services. The portal assists users in locating medical procedures at different local facilities in their area with the approximate cost and insurance coverage. It also enables users to search for healthcare professionals, appointments with healthcare providers, surgeries, diagnostics, and complete medical history forms before meetings with healthcare providers.

Tiger Connect

Founded in: Funding amount:
2014 $410.0 M

TigerConnect is one of the best startups in Los Angeles that provides healthcare communication solutions to clinicians and other healthcare professionals. This one increases the productivity of the medical providers and enhances patient connections. The company offers a comprehensive portfolio of HIPAA-compliant tools, products, and technologies, including text/video messaging, workflow automation, analytics, and others.

TigerConnect is also considered one of the nation's leading healthcare telecommunications companies. It disrupts traditional communication and management practices in the hospital industry throughout the United States, streamlining necessary operations to assist hospitals and other medical facilities in becoming more efficient.


Founded in: Funding amount:
2013 $3.71 M

With the purpose of "bringing clarity to healthcare decisions," WiserCare serves as a clearinghouse of information and a support system for both patients and professionals. Too frequently, critical healthcare decisions are made out of fear and confusion. By cutting through medical language and facilitating communication between consumers and medical experts, WiserCare enables people to receive more effective care and navigate frightening terrain with greater confidence.


Founded in: Funding amount:
1999 $82.0 M

ChromaDex is a fully integrated nutraceutical firm committed to healthy aging. Various scientists collaborated with universities and research facilities to identify and create unique chemical components based on various scientific researches.

NIAGEN, ChromaDex's product, increases levels of NAD+, a vital function in cellular health that supports healthy aging levels. A critical nutrient that many people lack due to overeating and alcohol consumption. While many scientific community members have concentrated their efforts on NAD research in recent years, ChromaDex has taken the lead with NIAGEN. It received three FDA safety alerts and has been the subject of more than 100 pre-clinical studies.

WELL Health

Founded in: Funding amount:
2015 $45.0 M

WELL Health is one of the healthcare companies Los Angeles communication platforms that enables patients to communicate with their chosen medical institutions via text, phone call, email, or live chat. Patients can easily ask their doctors or nurses any quick or essential questions without attending a hospital. Additionally, the software enables healthcare providers to personalize emails and phone calls to patients by combining human intelligence and automation approaches, showing their care to their clients.

WELL Health seeks to make it easier for patients to communicate with their caregivers to take a more active role in their health. Since a traditional approach by visiting a local clinic may be difficult and inconvenient.


Founded in: Funding amount:
2009 $3.9 M

In the past, the health tech startup was called Health Data Vision. With a brand-new name, Reveleer, this company is a medical startup that develops SaaS products to collect and analyze clinical data from various private and public electronic medical records. It capitalizes on Medicare experience and offers a HIPPA-compliant, secure cloud platform, a fantastic solution for such a convenient idea. Health Data Vision's technologies consolidate multiple data sources and speed up the evaluation process. Through its Secure Virtual Print technology, it is bringing various practitioners closer to paperless management.


Founded in: Funding amount:
2011 $5.8 M

Audicus is an online distribution platform that sells advanced hearing aids that swiftly transforms the hearing aid market. The main goal of the Audicus platform is to promote easy access to hearing solutions so that everyone may live more comfortably and have accessible hearing aids. Since the hearing aids can typically cost up to $7,000 per pair and aren't covered by insurance thus, the technology that Audicus has implemented can erase all pricey alternatives and offer award-winning hearing aids at an affordable cost. Each hearing aid is custom-programmed depending on the hearing test results, making this company one of the most brilliant medical companies in Los Angeles.


Founded in: Funding amount:
2014 $29.8 M

PatientPop is a platform for medical providers to grow their businesses. You’ve heard it right. It is a digital platform oriented toward growth and retention solutions, analytics, and reputation management. Some people even call it the "doctors' hotspot." PatientPop simplifies marketing, as you get to explain and advertise your practices. That way, practitioners can spend more time caring for the existing patients and less time attracting new ones. It is truly one of the most unexpected health companies Los Angeles.

In conclusion

All in all, if you have a concept for a new healthcare product, don’t wait for too long and try to implement it as quickly as possible. After all, right now is the right time for you to gain enough funding support and assistance from your potential investors.

We hope that now you know that medical startups are rising with all of these previously mentioned startups. And there are a lot of the healthcare startups in Los Angeles that truly stand out.