Adaptive Tab Bar iOS app development component for custom states

Implement an adaptive tab bar for a more convenient, fast, and direct navigation approach to your future digital solution.

Adaptive Tab Bar is a standard navigation component for adding custom states to native or custom iOS UI elements. The professionals from our iOS app development company developed this Swift library, which serves as a solid example of an exemplary user interface component.

The installation or rather integration of Adaptive Tab Bar is pretty simple and utterly straightforward. All you have to do is follow these simple steps:

– Drag the AdaptiveController file into your project
– Add AdaptiveController to your Target Dependencies in the Build Phase
– Add the AdaptiveController framework in Link Binary With Libraries in Build Phases.
– Import AdaptiveController

The adaptive tab bar is utilized as a navigation guide for a user journey. Sure, you may implement, assign each app screen to each button and just go along with that. However, we also suggest taking a look at these benefits that an adaptive tab bar can quickly provide to your project:

Clarify the user navigation process - There is no doubt that you need to provide a straightforward navigation process in your digital app.
Clarify your information hierarchy - Besides setting your app as a direct guide for the navigation process, you should also make a transparent sequence of your app screens.

Apart from the previously mentioned aspects, the adaptive tab bar is capable of implementing a “progressive reduction”. That means that the users can easily recognize the function of a particular UI element without any additional information. If implemented correctly, users are expected to change their behavior, relying on muscle memory and natural reflexes to guide their activities. Users will be presented with a more simplified interface, causing less distraction and increasing attention to the visual content.

Regarding the suitability aspect of the adaptive tab bar for the commercial projects, we can say that it suits E-Commerce, Finance, Real Estate, and Healthcare mobile apps. Apart from the other presented choices, you can test the library in different business fields.

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