Rebranding services, offered by our branding experts, focused on transforming the existing identity of a business. The goal of our rebranding work is to establish a brand that reflects the current state of the business, resonates with the evolving market demands and sets a strong vision for moving forward.


Official Firefox rebrand


Rebranding and product design for a platform that manages recurring bills acquired by Rocket Money


Visual identity system for an interactive play company

Why do businesses need rebranding?

In an increasingly competitive environment, businesses must adapt and evolve. Rebranding becomes a necessity when a company's message needs to change to better align with its goals and objectives. By effectively changing its brand, a business can steal market share from competitors.

This process is not simply a one-time action but a strategic initiative that propels the company to the next level, ensuring its continued relevance in a dynamic market landscape.

Rebranding steps

  • Identifying the need: The rebranding journey begins with understanding what elements of the current brand need to change. It's not simply a case of aesthetic modifications but requires a thorough reassessment of the brand's core message and values.

  • Brainstorming and designing: Under the guidance of a dedicated brand strategist, the team embarks on brainstorming and designing new branding elements that align with the updated brand message and values.

  • Customer-centric approach: The brand should resonate with its customers. All decisions made during the rebranding process should consider the impact on and reception by the brand's customers.

  • Integration of new branding: The final stage of the rebranding process is the seamless integration of the updated branding across all company touchpoints. Careful planning and execution are required to ensure that the new brand message is consistently and effectively communicated.

Why Ramotion?

At Ramotion, our rebranding expertise and innovative web design capabilities have fueled the success of numerous businesses. We understand the art and science of revitalizing a brand in line with the market's evolving needs.

By combining a strategic approach with cutting-edge web design, we help businesses create a distinctive brand identity that resonates with their audience and drives them towards their business goals.


  • What is rebranding?

    Rebranding is the process of changing the corporate image of a company. It involves redesigning the brand personality, visual identity design and other brand assets to make it relevant for its target audience.

  • Why do companies rebrand?

    Companies rebrand to stay competitive, resonate with new demographics, reflect significant changes such as mergers, or to repair a tarnished image.

    Rebranding serves as a strategic move to realign the company's identity with changing market dynamics, customer expectations, and to signal growth and evolution to stakeholders.

  • What are some potential risks of rebranding?

    Rebranding carries potential risks including alienating existing customers, confusion in the marketplace, and high costs.

    It might also lead to internal resistance if not properly managed. If poorly executed, rebranding can harm a company's reputation, decrease its market share, and negatively impact its bottom line.

  • What are some common rebranding mistakes?

    Common mistakes include neglecting to involve key stakeholders, failing to conduct adequate market research, and disregarding the brand's equity.

    Poorly communicated changes, inconsistency in implementing the new brand, and lack of a clear rebranding strategy can lead to a fragmented brand image and customer confusion.

  • How do you know if rebranding is suitable for your company?

    Rebranding is suitable if your company's current brand doesn't reflect its vision, is outdated, or is ineffective in the competitive market. If you've undergone significant changes, or if you're aiming to target a new demographic, rebranding could be a strategic move for your business's evolution.

  • How to choose a rebranding agency?

    Select a rebranding agency that aligns with your brand’s vision and has a portfolio demonstrating innovative and effective rebranding strategies. Expertise in your industry can be a crucial factor for a successful rebrand.

  • How much does rebranding cost?

    Rebranding projects at Ramotion start from $45,000, but costs can vary depending on the scope and specific needs of your brand. A detailed consultation helps tailor the approach to align with your budget and objectives.

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