iPhone app development services

Our iPhone app development agency team builds mobile, tablet based on iOS and Apple Watch applications using Swift language for innovative tech brands and companies.


Apple TV app UI development


Redesign of the support portal and 30% improvement in users’ ability to get the answers they want


Developing micro-interactions for the Lightning Design System


We act as an extension of product development departments within tech companies by providing remote staff augmentation. Our multidisciplinary development teams are in constant collaboration with the in-house departments and undergo many iterative improvements and full process transparency.

Capabilities in iPhone app development services

By extending our clients' teams, we provide a full development lifecycle, including UI/UX design for native mobile and web applications that helps innovative companies and established brands achieve their business goals.


  • Requirements gathering
  • POC and rapid prototyping
  • UI development
  • Business logic implementation
  • 3rd party integrations


  • API design & development
  • Database architecture
  • Microservices
  • Continuous integration
  • DevOps


We help SMB and Enterprise companies take advantage of modern mobile technologies and cross-platform solutions to continue dominating their sectors and stand out on the market.

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Ramotion did very well. My company is very satisfied with their work and performance.
Jason Pareti
Jason Pareti
CTO at Photo Finale
Thanks to the new back-end system built by Ramotion, we can retrieve comprehensive information faster than before.
Jean Kersaint
Jean Kersaint
They have performed beyond our expectations.
Andre Marrett
Andre Marrett
Co-founder at BusinessWeather

FAQ on iPhone app development services

  • What are the benefits of iPhone application development services for Enterprises?

    As a service provider for mobile application development, we are aware of the serveral benefits for Enterprise companies. Here are just some of them:

    Enterprise Data Security

    The iPhone apps does have a secure firmware along with various security approaches and guidleines (for example data duplication prevention measures or data encryption loss prevention techniques). That’s why iPhone users are protected from hackers and malware more if compared to Android users. That is another advantage of the iPhone application development.

    High-Quality Standards

    strict requirements and standards of the Apple App Store have been all the time during the iPhone application development. That means that an app will not be completed until all of the standards are met. When a user downloads an iPhone application, they can expect excellent performance and stunning user experience. Apple's reputation of trust has resulted in a very loyal consumer base. All iPhone users are greeted by the same sparkling UX. Additionally, because Android app development is slower, the cost of developing an Android app is significantly higher than the cost of developing an iPhone app. Businesses are compelled to outsource Android development to the lowest bidder capable of delivering mediocre goods.

    Apps for all business needs

    Various company brands have recognized the benefits of having business mobile apps. Consumers want businesses to be mobile and responsive. That is something that comes with the process of iPhone app development for business. Mobile apps provide the ideal platofmr for reaching consumers and staying connected with them. Custom iPhone applications are available to meet any business demand. Despite the fact that the cost of developing an iPhone app is slightly higher compared to other mobile platform development costs, businesses discovered that iPhone apps are more profitable due to their guaranteed market reach and ROI.

    Established Customer Base

    Apple's unique selling point is its established user base, which is also one of the primary benefits of iOS application development. Apple has a well-established niche of clients that trusts Apple’s quality and performance. Indeed, it is stated that once smartphone user has used iOS, they would never switch to another operating system.

    Enhanced User Experience

    iPhone applications delight customers with a superb user experience. The total synchronization of software and hardware results in the outstanding performance of iPhone business applications. Extensive customer service and maintenance results in increased user happiness throughout the lifecycle of an app.

    Tech-savvy Audience

    iPhone users have been found to be technologically knowledgeable. This provides enterprises with several opportunities to develop complex applications capable of causing market disruption.

    Low Fragmentation and Ease of Testing

    Apple normally releases only one upgrade to its existing operating system each year. Additionally, Apple devices are fewer in number than Android-based devices. As a result, Android applications must be thoroughly tested to ensure that they run across all Android OS versions. The iPhone for business must simply pass the testing criteria for the most recent iOS version. This significantly saves testing time and ensures a rapid time to market for iOS applications.

    High Market Penetration

    Apple has a sizable presence in developed markets such as the United States and the United Kingdom. iOS apps can be a successful offer for businesses looking to expand their wings and dominate new areas. Apple's reputation for quality is strong enough to ensure the success of your iOS business apps.

    Less Development Time

    When it comes to app development time, iOS apps require almost 28% less time than Android apps. This is because Android has to be tested on a minimum of 20 devices with different specifications. Naturally, the Android app’s development cycle is longer. iPhone app development ensures brand awareness, profitability, and client loyalty. That, added to the low iPhone mobile app development services time, low production costs, and affordable maintenance, makes the development process very beneficial for businesses.

    Simple Interface

    The iPhone is well-known for its excellent UI/UX, which increases user engagement with an application. This means that by choosing iOS application development, you can increase the number of active users who will download your app. Apple customers are already accustomed to the simple and engaging interfaces of iOS applications. These features can increase the app's usability and sales.

    Secured transactions

    The creation of iPhone applications provides a secure and safe environment for conducting online transactions with the platform's apps. All created iOS business applications include robust and secure technologies that protect the operating system from various cyber threats.

  • Which services does your mobile app development company provide?

    As a custom software solutions company, we create various cutting edge digital solutions and mobile applications that run on any device or platform. Businesses and organizations that partner with us to develop digital business solutions can be confident that the result will be secure, scalable, and sustainable. The following are just a few examples of the services from the mobile solutions that we provide.

    • Agile mobile application development and project management
    • Assistance with the App Store and Google Play Solutions for developing award-winning mobile applications
    • Rates for mobile custom solutions design and development
    • Front-end specialists on-staff: business analysts, user experience/user interface experts, and designers
    • Friendly, transparent, and collaborative partnership
    • A track record of successfully completing mobile application projects

    - Expertise in open technology across various customized solutions

    So as you can see, whether it is iOS app development services, web services, or software development services, our company is capable of providing the necessary support for your digital innovation.

  • How many iOS app developers are needed for creating iPhone apps?

    If you're going to invest more than $30K and several months of your time in a project, you'd best do it correctly and hire professional iPhone app developers or a top iPhone app development company. Even if you decide to develop a product, you will need to establish your own team (which is harder than hiring an existing team). Thus, you do require assistance from the iPhone app development companies. The following is a list of those who would be involved: Mobile developer, Backend developer, Dev ops specialist, Designer, QA Specialist.

    So in total, you need 5 people at the minimum, not counting the project manager who will manage all of this. If you want to develop faster and develop it for both Android and iOS, you'll need at least additional mobile app developers or ios app developers.

    In other words, you would need to find the right iOS app developer from the best app development companies or even top app development companies. And as a development agency such as ourselves, we do know how tough it is to find one. Especially if you are specifically looking for the local iPhone app development company from Los Angeles or iPhone app development agency in San Francisco. The iOS developers from a mobile app development company such as ours do have a local team stationed at previously mentioned locations. Otherwise, if you are looking for an iPhone app development firm in New York, then you are free to contact us for further assistance on how we might collaborate.

  • What is your iOS app development agency process?

    The main development cycle or app development process of our company our uses may differ from the rest of the competition. However, the results that each mobile app idea has achieved showed a significant improvement in customer satisfaction metrics. Our development process is broken down into the following essential steps:


    For any technology partner, the first stage is critical. Here, we'll analyze all of your project's essential requirements: user personas, competitive analyses, pain points, business processes & objectives, and perform business analysis.

    Project Audit

    At the second step, our team will conduct a comprehensive examination of the product strategy for your app idea while suggesting the proper development methodology (such as agile development, for example).

    App structure

    On this step we define mobile application concepts and produce the architecture based on your brand identity.

    Design process: app concept and layout design

    Our design team will implement a product strategy for the visual positioning of your application, as well as generate mood boards. Following that, we create 2-3 design assets for the mobile screens, along with wireframes and an interactive prototype.

    Visual design

    Your digital transformation project design plays a huge part in your app. You will collaborate with our team to design the application's layout and user journey map.

    App development

    After completing the front-end development tasks, we will go into developing your application. It doesn't matter if you want to develop an ios app, hybrid apps, cross platform apps, or just apps. You will receive a top mobile app through developing ios apps, hybrid app, or any other type of mobile app.

    QA Testing

    Once the majority of the latter work has been successfully completed, it is vital to implement software testing procedures and other security measures for your new application.

    Visual content

    Here, some of your app's additional design components, such as iconography and minor design assets, are integrated into the main layout.

    Various Integrations

    As a final point, our mobile app development agency will integrate various third-party services in your digital project as per your request. That may include such extensions as Twillio, Thunderbird, and pretty much any other integrative software into your mobile development or business development process

  • What technologies does your iPhone application development company use for?

    Before we even begin to analyze and plan what kind of iOS app development tools or technologies will be suitable for your business, we consider each of your business requirements as an outsourcing software development company. Therefore this way, we can suggest the right technologies that will suit your goals while correctly adjusting the development path of your digital solution.

    Our development team truly enjoys native technical stacks and produces stunning yet quality applications. Such custom software development technologies as Swift and Java are our favorite picks. However, if our client prefers a different set of technology (like React Native, for example) then our professional team can stick to their preferences. A good portion of all our projects has utilized artificial intelligence and machine learning in their award winning apps and success stories.

  • What kinds of companies need iPhone applications?

    Almost every firm that wishes to create iPhone apps that are easily available to their target audience must know how it will solve the pain points of its target audience. But one question still may be left unanswered: what kind of companies truly need to develop mobile and web apps for the iOS operating system? Well, the answer is pretty simple: practically every second company does need to. So let’s just see what are some companies that need to develop iPhone applications.

    • Agriculture
    • IT-related
    • Education
    • Entertainment
    • FoodTech
    • Healthcare
    • Hospitality
    • Music
    • Media
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Telecommunication
    • Transport

    As you can see, nearly every company in every industry qualifies for its own iPhone app. Without a question, the world as we know it today is digitizing practically every area of every current commercial field. And, given the upward trajectory of technological advancement, one can safely assume that, in the not-too-distant future, every firm will have its own application or, at the very least, a digital environment surrounding it.

  • How much will it cost to develop an iPhone app with iOS application development company?

    Various researches and company statements say that the reasonable pricing for an iPhone application can vary from $38,000 to $91,000. Thus, various organizations can provide you with different mobile platforms costs based on their own assessment. Therefore, the iPhone development cost depends on the company you speak with. Although, there are steps you can take in order to generate an accurate estimate for your ios platform.

    So if you seek an estimate for the average cost of a mobile app for either an apple watch, Apple TV, or any other ios device the approximate sum can differ. Therefore, if you want to learn how to save your budget, you must first grasp the various factors of your project. Whether you wish to develop digital platforms for iPhone users or for specific apple devices you should be aware of the following:

    • Design complexity
    • Number of screens
    • Main development steps
    • Features you want to implement and their complexity
    • A number of third party integrations.
    • The size of the development team.
  • What are the benefits of iPhone application development?

    Whether you are a business owner who wants to complete their set of business objectives or you are a startup founder who wants to make an iPhone application, one thing for sure is that you need to understand what are your benefits in the iPhone app development process. Thus, below we provided a list of core advantages that you can easily use for your growing business.

    Strong Security

    Before an iPhone app for business can be made available, it must adhere to the high-quality standards of Apple's Play Store. Entrepreneurs benefit from iPhone application development since it helps them maintain data privacy and user identity. The goal is to appropriately defend them from external security risks. Additionally, the iPhone app's in-app purchases and app-based transactions are highly secure. Apple provides a high-level security layer, including data encryption, to ensure that organizations never experience a data breach or theft. In aggregate, the amount of security given by iOS applications is uncommon. As a result, this is a significant benefit of iPhone application development.

    Amazing User Experience

    Apple iOS's inherent features provide an exceptional user experience. When weighing the advantages of iOS application development, the contentment of iOS users cannot be overlooked. It offers a powerful combination of hardware and software, as well as complete customer support and maintenance throughout the lifecycle of the application. As a result, practically every program on the Apple store performs flawlessly.

    Simpler Yet Effective Testing Practices

    Apple has fewer gadgets on the market, and as a result, the available versions are likewise limited. Additionally, it updates its existing operating system only once a year. As a result, iPhone applications must adhere to the necessary criteria for the most recent iOS version. It significantly reduces testing time and enables a faster time to market for iOS applications. This is a significant advantage of designing iOS applications. iOS's lesser fragmentation enables the introduction of new applications and the scaling of current ones. While with Android apps, development teams must test them across several operating system versions. As a result, the cycles for testing, enhancement, and improvement are lengthened. Additionally, it results in a larger development cost.

    Greater Market Access

    Apple has a strong presence in developed nations such as the United States of America, Australia, and the United Kingdom. iOS apps are a win-win situation for any business wishing to target these markets and others. Apple's legacy and commitment to quality help ensure the success of iOS applications. As a benefit of iOS application development, the enterprise-grade iPhone application easily adapts to changing business requirements. This is made feasible through increased scalability and adaptability to the target market. Additionally, the integration of innovative capabilities into the iPhone app enables the company to remain relevant in the face of increased competition.

    Loyal Consumer Base

    Apple has a devoted following of consumers who are awestruck by the company's quality and performance. This stays true even when 75% of app users are Android users. Additionally, it is stated that once smartphone user has encountered apps on iOS, they may never be pleased with any other operating system. Additionally, it is a reality that consumers who own an Apple iPhone typically have a higher purchasing power than those who own an Android device. iPhone applications deliver faultless performance and an incredible user experience. This trust and goodwill are an integral element of Apple's heritage for iPhone applications, which contribute to the company's enormous and devoted consumer base.

  • Why is iPhone app development important for business?

    Android and iOS app building processes are the two core paths for developing any business-related applications. And since the demand for iPhone applications is high, iPhone applications are commonly won over Android ones. If that is true, then why is iPhone app development so important? Well, here are some answers to that question.

    Enhanced Security

    One of the primary advantages of iPhone application development is the latest technology in security it provides. This functionality is required for organizations concerned with the security of their data. iPhone users are successfully secured against malware, viruses, and other cyber threats that may disrupt business operations.

    Filtered Audience

    The businesses must understand that people who own an iPhone have their own tastes and demands. The tech-savvy audience seeks a simple yet effective interface that can resolve their pain points. Given this scenario, you already have a sizable audience ready to purchase the software or goods you intend to develop or build.

    Enhanced Customer Experience

    People who own an iPhone don’t need to worry about the standards of hardware, customer support, and flawless software operations. Users can be confident that any software they download from the app store will run smoothly. This factor demonstrates the fact that consumers' first choice if they can afford it, is the iPhone.

    Flexible User Interface

    Each business strives to provide the highest level of client satisfaction. So when it comes to iPhone app development benefits, the existing consumers are already comfortable with the Apple synchronized environment. It would be simple for businesses to increase sales through innovations, given they are already aware of user preferences.

    Business Empowerment

    iOS devices are enormously popular in industrialized nations such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and Europe. For any business with a growth mindset, developing an iPhone application would be an excellent way to establish a global presence.

    Higher ROI

    Businesses can maximize their investment returns by designing iPhone applications. With a greater reach to targeted people, the iPhone is a far more sophisticated alternative than Android when it comes to guiding a company to success.

    Secured Transactions

    iPhone application development services create a safe environment for conducting online transactions via the platform's apps. The applications are developed with secured features that protect the operating system from any cyber threats. They ensure that the online transaction is entirely secure.

    Strong Brand Value

    Apple is one of the most trusted brands in the world, and it goes without saying that everything associated with it would be trusted as well. iPhone users are well aware that Apple rigorously tests mobile applications before they are made available for download. As a result, it is the brand value of an iPhone application that encourages people to trust a business app.

    Aesthetic Icons

    The icons for the iPhone apps are significantly more appealing. They are dynamically constructed, and just a few apps display notifications without requiring users to register. This would assist your organization in communicating with users.

    Better Scalability

    The scalability of products is critical for corporate growth, and mobile applications are the simplest approach to achieve this. This can be achieved through an iPhone app, thus securing your business's profitability.

  • Why are iPhone apps important to marketers and consumers?

    As we have already stated before, there are multiple reasons why the iPhone applications are so essential when it comes to business growth, project complexity, and mobile app development companies in general. However, the digital marketing side of anyone’s firm has a completely different view of the iPhone apps. You see, just as the technological side of our world is progressing further and the competitive advantage is getting higher.

    And thus, the main target audience can be easily gathered inside your mobile app located on your consumer’s iPhone. Not only would it mean that all of the marketing plans will surround it. but it also means that market research and customer satisfaction can directly be affected via an iPhone app. That is one of the greatest benefits of an iPhone app for all marketers who are constantly in the competitive market out there.

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