Animated Tab Bar - iOS app development UI library

To ease things up with the navigation process of an iOS mobile application, we recommend you utilize an Animated Tab Bar.

An animated tab bar is a front-end bar located at the bottom of a screen to assist users in determining the type of information or functionality provided by an app. It allows users to navigate between different top-level sections while maintaining their current navigation state. In the animated tab bar that our iOS app development agency experts have implemented, we used a native programming language (Swift) for testing any app on iOS devices.

If you wish to install it and apply it to your project, our team has prepared several options:

- Add the RAMAnimatedTabBarController folder to your project directory.
- Use CocoaPods with Podfile, like this - pod 'RAMAnimatedTabBarController'
- Carthage users can simply add to their Cartfile - github "Ramotion/animated-tab-bar"
- Otherwise, you can also use a Swift Package Manager

While the animated tab bar may look like a fantastic addition to your mobile app experience journey, there should be a transparent understanding of why you should use it in the first place. There are several core reasons for that, so let’s take a good look at each of them:

  • Simplify the user navigation process - You need to provide controls that act on elements in the current view. No user likes to wander through an app aimlessly.
  • Clarify your information hierarchy - Your users should clearly understand your app screens’ sequence. That way, they will navigate the app quickly and will be satisfied.
  • Communicate with your users - Instead of plain text, you want to interact with your audience via a design icon that depicts what kind of information a particular app screen holds.

When it comes to the commercial use or implementation of the Animated Tab bar in any project, it is well suited for E-Commerce, Finance, Real Estate, and Healthcare mobile apps. Apart from them, you can use them to test the UI/UX of your project and see whether it brings value to your audience.

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