AR airline app UI UX concept by San Francisco design company

A unique and stunning augmented reality airline app concept lets you reserve the tickets and feel the flight via your mobile device.

Together with our UI design company in San Francisco experts, we have always been under the impression of AR technologies, so we took a chance and began experimenting with them. We took a simple concept of a travel airline app, tried to add relevant features and AR technology that could let users feel as if they are experiencing the plane onboarding via their mobile device.

One of the critical goals that our designers were pursuing was to create an intuitive and flexible user interface with an exceptional user experience on Apple devices. We made a very flexible design layout that can easily navigate between the flight reservation, the details of your ticket, and the augmented reality of your confirmed flight seat. In addition, we separated each key functionality, making it convenient for users to identify essential interaction areas.

Even though we didn’t make a massive research process on the brand identity (since it was an experimental concept), our team stuck to chosen colors and guidelines for each component. That way, we guaranteed that every design element aligned correctly with the screen layout.

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