AR based ecommerce mobile app design concept

Discover how the best mobile UI design agency is revolutionizing the online shopping experience with a cutting-edge AR-based e-commerce mobile app design concept.


This AR-based e-commerce mobile app design concept introduces an interactive element to online shopping. By using augmented reality technology, users can visualize products in their own space before purchasing, enhancing decision-making and personalizing the shopping experience.

AR based ecommerce mobile app design concept

Design Elements

  • Augmented Reality Viewer: The app's AR viewer is seamlessly integrated, allowing users to place virtual furniture in their actual environment. This intuitive feature has a simple interface that encourages exploration and interaction.
  • User Interface: The interface design is clean and user-friendly, focusing on minimalism to enhance the customer's journey. Using vibrant colors and straightforward typography ensures a delightful and engaging user experience.
  • Product Information Layout: Information is presented concisely and readable, with expandable sections for details like materials and ecology. This design enables an informative yet uncluttered view, emphasizing clarity and accessibility.
  • Rating System: A visual star rating system immediately conveys customer satisfaction levels, aiding in quick evaluation without overwhelming the user with text.
  • Navigation Flow: The navigation is designed to be intuitive, with easy-to-follow paths that guide the user from product visualization to detailed information, fostering a smooth and logical shopping journey.
  • Return Policy Assurance: Including a prominent and reassuring return policy provides users with a sense of security and trust, which is essential in online shopping environments.
  • Call to Action Buttons: Strategically placed CTA buttons like 'Continue' are designed to propel users forward in their shopping experience, with a clear and inviting presence that encourages interaction.

Likely Benefits

Implementing this AR-based e-commerce mobile app design concept can significantly enhance customer engagement and satisfaction. It offers a more interactive and informed shopping experience, reducing the uncertainty often accompanying online purchases and potentially decreasing return rates.

Application of the Design Concept

From the perspective of the best mobile UI design agency, this design concept is applied by users to visualize products in their intended space, ensuring the items fit their aesthetic and physical environment before purchasing. The AR functionality caters to the need for a tactile shopping experience in the digital realm.

Users are engaged with the product through a virtual try-before-you-buy scenario, which can lead to more confident purchasing decisions and improved customer satisfaction.

Also, the design incorporates user feedback mechanisms, like ratings and reviews, allowing for a communal and shared shopping experience.

The concept's utilization of augmented reality also suggests potential for expansion into various product categories beyond furniture, adapting to user preferences and market trends.

Overall, this AR-based e-commerce mobile app design concept is a testament to how innovative design can elevate the user experience. Blending and bending the lines between the digital and physical worlds opens up new possibilities for consumers to interact with products, thereby redefining the future of online shopping.

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