AR watch app UI UX design concept by San Francisco agency

Look into our futuristic vision of the AR Apple Watch. See and feel what kind of potential opportunities this experimental product is capable of.

Our UX design agency San Francisco professionals decided to run a few experiments, immersively impressed and compassionate about the new Apple product - AR Glasses. We wanted to demonstrate precisely how the AR technology will give the Apple Watch product interaction opportunities and show its future potential beyond the small screen.

We stuck with the default Apple brand guidelines to develop futuristic and relevant UI/UX design assets. At the same time, our designers focused on a flexible and easy AR layout, which a user can interact with. Therefore, we put all critical features within three main screens and increased the tappable areas of components to avoid any accidental mistakes. And practically every customer who used the Apple Watch was doing it with one hand.

The experiment for the Apple AR watches was successfully finished. We enjoyed the quality of work we managed to produce and the new concept that our designers have come up with. We enjoyed our efficient experiment and are very proud of the results we were able to make.

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