Branding & Web Design for Los Angeles VC firm Atopa

Atopa is an investment company that seeks breakthrough digital solutions. It supports and collaborates with each given startup till the very end.

ATOPA lives and breathes with the entrepreneur’s spirit full of absolutely crazy ideas that can change the world we know and shred the market into pieces. Atopa invests in companies that have the same will and sees their potential that could change the future.

During the collaboration with our branding agency in LA, we took the Atopa brand identity for an exciting journey by extending the current one with a more futuristic look. Our web design agency LA has changed its past appearance by adding supportive visual assets, defining a more holistic visual language, and creating a marketing website with a cosmic feeling.

Atopa Fonts
Atopa Branding Assets
Atopa Business Cards
Atopa meeting room render
Atopa Application concept
Atopa Reception Render
Atopa Logotype
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