Branding for Los Angeles travel booking service

Enjoy your time and experience by traveling unknown cities or countries with a companion for your tour via the Localites mobile app.

Localities is a Los Angeles-based travel mobile application aimed to deliver the ultimate experience when flying abroad. The company’s name comes from the urban word “localities,” which means - socially savvy local people with good knowledge in their area of interest. Together with our Los Angeles Branding company, we were tasked with refreshing their company brand identity.

Our ultimate goal was to redesign the brand identity and convey personal freedom and fun. Since most of the time, when people travel alone, they feel limited because they are not comfortable going out by themselves. Break the restrictions that people think while traveling via a booking platform that can give you a traveling companion - that’s the core metaphor our team was focused on.

Apart from the brand identity our team has developed, we have produced a set of icons that our client used on their marketing website. These digital assets were directly connected with company attributes: freedom, enjoyment, fun, experience, tour, and companion.

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