Cardslider Android - UI app development library to interact with cards

Display your product components in an interactive and engaging approach with the help of our developed Cardslider library.

Cardslider is a UI design component that allows you to scroll through various cards filled with pictures and relevant descriptions. The cardslider library that our Android app development company professionals have implemented was developed with the Java programming language.

To integrate the developed library in your project, you can take a few installation paths described below:

– You can easily download it via this link and add it to your project classpath – Otherwise, you can just utilize the maven repo with the following commands:

Gradle - 'com.ramotion.cardslider:card-slider:0.3.1'
SBT - libraryDependencies += "com.ramotion.cardslider" % "card-slider" % "0.3.1"

The cardslider itself may pose as a crucial component of your digital solution, depending on where exactly you will make use of it. To avoid any complication or somewhat overwhelming usage of it or even irrelevant applications, you should know where strictly you can implement it. Here are two main reasons:

Cardslider encourages customer interaction with your content - Despite being avisually pleasing component, it is an excellent addition for your app to display more visual information about your product. Or you may even tell an exciting story that can help your brand leave an impression on your users.

Multiple cardsliders give you more space for creative expression - With cardsliders, you can come up with some truly innovative stuff. It does summarise all of the critical points of your product and does show its creative side too.

The last thing to remember about the cardslider is which type of projects it is best suited for. According to our past clients, it fits E-Commerce, Social Media, Entertainment, and Retail mobile apps well.

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