Circle Menu open-source iPhone app development library

Swift and elegant Circle Menu implemented in your project can undoubtedly bring a rapid user experience for your mobile application.

A circular menu is a simple, elegant UI menu with a circular layout and material design animations. It allows users to navigate between various app sections easily and swiftly. In the animated tab bar that our top iPhone app development company experts have implemented, we used Swift, Java, and React Native to apply this feature on Android and iOS devices.

If you wish to install it and apply it to your project, our team has prepared several options:

- Add the RAMCircleMenu folder to your project directory.
- Use CocoaPods with Podfile, like this - pod 'CircleMenu'
- Carthage users can simply add to their Cartfile - github "Ramotion/circle-menu"

The circle menu may certainly improve or even advance your customer journey experience. However, before you go ahead and implement it, you might want to know what kind of advantages you can get out of it. Let’s take a good look at each of them:

- Short and equal distance to each target; no scrolling to the bottom of a dropdown
- All of the main screen options are visible.
- After learning your options, it takes a few swipe gestures to activate the control you want without looking.
- It is a very natural action for touchpads or tablets.

When it comes to the commercial use or implementation of the Circle Menu in any project, it is well suited for Social Media, Fitness and Health, Logistics, and Educational mobile apps. Apart from these suitable choices, you can test it in the UI/UX of your project and see whether it can bring value to your audience.

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