Corporate hardware management app design concept

Designed by app design experts, this hardware management app design concept helps enterprises manage their hardware assets. By providing a centralized solution for monitoring and upgrading hardware, it optimizes costs for management while ensuring employees work with efficient, up-to-date equipment.


This application design concept is an all-in-one platform for enterprise administrators to manage, monitor, and upgrade employees' hardware. The app streamlines the upgrade process, saving time and financial resources while ensuring optimal performance across the board.


Design Elements

  • Employee Screen: Provides a detailed view of each employee's device, linked hardware, and its efficiency concerning ongoing projects.
  • Hardware Metrics: Gauges the obsolescence of core hardware components like RAM, CPU, and Graphic Card compared to market standards.
  • Cost Calculator: Offers a built-in calculator for estimating the cost of hardware upgrades, aiding in budget planning.
  • Dashboard Screen: Features an overview of all devices, including a list of employees, a summary of spending, and incoming messages from staff.

Interaction Flow

  • 1 Enter Device Screen: Access a detailed screen dedicated to individual employee hardware.
  • 2 Upgrade Recommendations: The app analyses hardware components and suggests timely upgrades.
  • 3 Execute Upgrade: Users can calculate the cost and proceed with the recommended upgrades.


  • Cost-Efficiency for Management: The app enables management to maintain an efficient material-technical base at optimal costs, mainly when working on less efficient projects.
  • Employee Satisfaction: Staff benefit from working on up-to-date, efficient hardware, allowing them to focus on creative tasks rather than troubleshooting.
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