Corporate self-learning mobile UI/UX design concept

Designed by application UX experts, this corporate self-learning mobile app merges convenience, competitiveness, and capability-building into one platform. It allows management to keep tabs on employee engagement and motivates staff to advance their skills in a gamified, measurable manner.


This mobile app design concept is a platform for employees' self-education to enhance their qualifications and career growth. It is a comprehensive tool for learning, tracking, and competing within the company's ecosystem.


Design Elements

  • Dashboard with Progress: A real-time monitor of each employee's progress, quantified in skill points and depicted via dynamic progress bars for each skill.
  • Employee Profile Screen: This screen shows the employee's avatar, accumulated skill points, goals, achievements, ongoing courses, and proficiency level.
  • Tab Bar: Easy navigation with a tab bar containing options for 'Members,' 'Feed,' 'Courses,' 'Progress,' and 'Settings.'
  • Task Cards: Displays current tasks for learning new skills, complete with a "due date" and the achievable skill points.

Interaction Flow

  • 1 Dashboard Access: Open the app to view the dashboard filled with tasks for skill development.
  • 2 Task Completion: Choose a study, complete it, and update your status in real time.
  • 3 Rating Upgrade: Completing tasks rewards you with skill points, contributing to your overall standing within the company's leaderboard.


  • Mobile Adaptation: Transfers the potential of web-based platforms onto a mobile device, making learning and tracking more convenient.
  • Managerial Oversight: Leaders can track employees' progress and engagement levels effectively.
  • Competitive Learning: Through gamification and a competitive atmosphere, employees are more motivated to acquire practical skills relevant to their work.
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