Creative web design made for a Danish loans company

An innovative and creative website design for a Danish company that quickly provides various loans under flexible conditions.

Minilaan is a Danish lending company that offers small to medium-sized loans to all Danish people in their respective local areas. The company’s primary goal was to provide straightforward lending terms so that any person could have an equal chance of getting the right capital. Together with our creative web design agency, we collaborated to produce a responsive website design for offering quick consumer loans.

Our team began work on the website interface with a discussion on the topic of web design. Both of our teams wanted to produce a clean and lively design concept to convey the company’s primary mission’s excellence. After consulting with our customer, we decided to include dynamic illustrations and several variations of red on their website.

Our and Minilaan’s teams were ecstatic to create gorgeous digital assets for their marketing website. Since then, our client has significantly increased their product metrics and achieved critical milestones in their marketing plans that they had anticipated before our collaboration.

minilaan marketing website
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