Electric Scooter Rental UI/UX Design Concept

Crafted by Ramotion UI/UX designers, this web dashboard concept serves as a robust, user-friendly management tool for electric scooter rental businesses, offering real-time analytics and actionable insights for maximizing profitability and enhancing user engagement.


The web application and UX dashboard concept is a comprehensive management tool for electric scooter rental businesses. It equips owners with valuable insights into scooter performance, profitability, and condition, allowing for more effective decision-making.


Design Elements

  • Dashboard Sidebar with Menu: A clean, intuitive sidebar on the left side of the screen provides easy navigation through different functionalities.
  • Scooter Search Field: Positioned prominently, this field enables quick search for scooters by ID, area, or condition, streamlining management operations.
  • Profit Analytics by Area Map: An interactive map shows profitability hotspots, allowing owners to position their scooters for maximum earnings strategically.
  • List of Scooters: Displays all scooters in a tabulated format with essential parameters like charge, condition, and current location.
  • Analytics by Scooter Tenants: Gives insights into the user demographic, revealing high-value tenants for targeted marketing strategies.
  • Rating Table of the Most Profitable Scooters: A dynamic table that ranks scooters based on profitability, guiding owners on fleet optimization.
  • Statistics on a Particular Scooter: Shows detailed stats, including battery charge, condition, and efficiency metrics, enabling precise individual scooter management.

Interaction Flow

  • 1 Select a Scooter: Users start by selecting a scooter from the list or via the search field.
  • 2 Select a Specific Analysis Section: Users navigate to the desired analytics section through the sidebar menu.
  • 3 Perform Management Actions: Based on the analysis, users can perform actions like repositioning scooters, planning maintenance, or targeting specific user groups.


The UI/UX design concept empowers owners to efficiently manage their scooter fleets efficiently, offering actionable analytics for profit maximization and user engagement. It simplifies the complex processes involved in scooter management, ultimately saving time and increasing profitability.

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