EV Service Dashboard Design Concept

Designed by UI/UX experts, this EV web application concept offers a solution for tracking, diagnosing, and ordering services and parts. Its user-centered design and intuitive interaction flow dramatically improve efficiency and throughput in the EV-car service business.


This dashboard design concept serves as a comprehensive tool for the master of a EV service station to efficiently manage the servicing of many cars. It streamlines processes from vehicle selection to service execution, reducing downtime and enhancing throughput.


Design Elements

  • Car Control Panel: A central dashboard that shows the status of all cars currently at the service station.
  • Box Selection Cards: User-friendly cards representing each car, clickable for more details and actions.
  • Display of Malfunctions: Once an electro vehicle is selected, a dynamic panel presents identified issues that need servicing.
  • List of Recommended Services: A tailored list of suggested services for each car based on its condition and history.
  • Service Order Selection Screens: Simple yet detailed screens to select and customize the services required for each electro vehicle.
  • Schedule with Estimated Service Time: A real-time updating schedule calculates and displays each service task's estimated time.
  • List of Auto Parts Required for Order: An automated list that generates and lists down the required auto parts for the selected services.

Interaction Flow

  • 1 Select a Vehicle: The user selects a vehicle from the car control panel.
  • 2 Determine Necessary Services: The user decides what services are required based on the displayed malfunctions and recommended services.
  • 3 Place an Order for an Order with Necessary Spare Parts: A few clicks generate an order list of the necessary services along with the required auto parts.


The dashboard application offers streamlined, intuitive controls for faster decision-making, leading to more efficient service cycles. This effectively improves throughput, allowing the business to handle more cars in less time.

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