UI development widget for selecting a value in iOS mobile app

Engage with your clients, change your default UI components and improve your user interface with our unique Fluid Slider library.

A Fluid Slider is a slider widget created with the Swift programming language. It includes a popup bubble that displays the precise value selected. Our mobile app development firm has developed this particular UI library to demonstrate how to enhance the experience of your potential customers.

We provide three main ways to install a fluid-slider in your digital project:

– Add source files to your project.
– Use CocoaPods with - pod 'fluid-slider'
– Use Carthage with - github "Ramotion/fluid-slider"

The fluid-slider may be a critical component of your digital system, depending on its intended purpose. To minimize various complications or even inappropriate applications, you should know what kind of benefits it provides.

– Enhance the customer interaction - Despite its stunning and attractive design, it is a fantastic addition to your app for delivering an engaging experience that helps your brand create an impression on your consumers.

– Engage your creativity - You can make up a unique component by combining numerous fluid-sliders, which will allow you to summarize all of your product's essential characteristics and demonstrate its creative side.

Finally, it's worthwhile to consider the best application of fluid-slider in specific business industries. According to our previous clients, it is suitable for E-Commerce, Social Media, Entertainment, and Retail mobile applications.

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