Cross-platform UI library for creating expanding cells in app development

Implement a beautiful and stylish cross-platform UI library for your Android or Kotlin mobile application to improve your customer experience.

A Folding Cell is a material design content cell inspired by paper folding. It was created with the help of the Android programming language. Our cross platform app development company created an expanding cell with animation inspired by the concept of folding paper cards.

We have already made a similar UI library dedicated for Apple products. However this solution is a cross-platform one, so choose wisely which one you will need. The installation process is similar to the swift one and has four primary methods that can follow to integrate this UI library:

– Download the package from here and add it to your project classpath.
– Gradle - 'com.ramotion.foldingcell:folding-cell:1.2.3'
– SBT - libraryDependencies += "com.ramotion.foldingcell" % "folding-cell" % "1.2.3"

Prior to integrating the library into your existing project, we'd like to highlight a few of the benefits. It will certainly assist you in creating the most effective and stunning digital application design.

– You can place any kind of visual content on the small card cover.
– You can place any kind of text content within the expandable underneath card content.
– The aspect ratio of an image can be practically anything.
– The UI component is fully customizable.

When it comes to commercial applications or incorporating the Folding Cell into any Android/Kotlin projects, it is ideally suited for E-Commerce, Finance, Real Estate, and Healthcare mobile applications. You can also use them to evaluate your product's UI/UX and determine whether it provides value to your audience.

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