iOS app development UI library for expanding cell content

Integrate a fantastic and dynamic user interface library for folding and unfolding card components into your mobile application.

A Folding Cell is a customized cell subclass for ‘UITableviewCell’, as it provides a folding/unfolding animation of a cell to display/hide its content. Our app development firm experts made an expanding content cell with animation inspired by folding paper card material design.

The installation process of the Folding Cell is pretty fair and has four primary methods that can follow to install this UI library:

– Add the FoldingCell.swift file to your project.
– Use CocoaPods with Podfile with pod 'FoldingCell'
– Carthage users can simply add Mantle to their Cartfile with github "Ramotion/folding-cell"
– Drag FoldingCell.swift file to your project
However, before you even integrate the library into your existing project, we'd like to highlight a few of the benefits. It will undoubtedly assist you in producing the most effective and incredible digital app layout.

– You can place any kind of visual content on the small card cover.
– You can place any kind of text content within the expandable underneath card content.
– The aspect ratio of an image can be practically anything.
– The UI component is fully customizable.

When it comes to the commercial application or implementation of the Folding Cell in any project, it is best suited for E-Commerce, Finance, Real Estate, and Healthcare mobile apps. Apart from these, you may utilize them to test the UI/UX of your product and check whether it delivers value to your audience.

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