Garland View UI UX development solution for transition between lists

Segment and divide your crucial user information among your mobile application screen while delivering a positive user experience.

Garland View is a very light and accessible UI library that allows swift transitions between multiple lists of content. Seeing how a massive amount of content can potentially bore users, our ui ux development company decided to fix that scenario with the Garland View built on the Swift programming language.

Please take an opportunity to install and integrate our UI library solution into your digital project. We provide three different installation options:

– Add source files to your project.
– Use CocoaPods - pod 'garland-view'
– Use Carthage - github "Ramotion/garland-view"

Before you start implementing Garland View once and for all in your digital project, our team recommends looking through the benefit points we indicated below. It will assist you in understanding the scenario and the position where you want to place this widget.

Segment your Data - As we’ve already mentioned, you can confidently place them in a separate section instead of massive information chunks (like your customer feedback) placed on the main screen.
Enhance your user experience - With sufficient and meaningful information placed in the suitable screen space (or section), you improve the user journey map.

If you wonder what type of commercial project this particular widget suits, we can assure you that it works excellently in practically any business industry mobile app. Pretty much any application may use the feedback section of the product that a company is selling.

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