iOS mobile app development UI library for interaction with cards

Elongation Preview is an elegant UI component and powerful time-saving library that lets users interact with your data via dynamic cards.

Elongation Preview is a stylish user experience, push-pop view controller. Together with our experts from our iOS mobile app development company, we created this iOS UI library to provide an interactive approach for the user journey map of your mobile application.

Mainly, you have three primary ways to install ElongationPreview in your digital project:

– Add source files to your project.
– Use CocoaPods - pod 'ElongationPreview'
– Use Carthage - github "Ramotion/elongation-preview

You may go ahead and try to install this UI library in your project already; we’re not holding you back. But what we want you to know at first is the means or reasons you might want to use it in the first place.

Neatly packed data - all of your data is arranged according to the app screen wireframe you designed, which saves a lot of space and time for a user to find what he is looking for.
Improve the user experience - the exploration and discovery factor is one of the fundamental things that UI/UX designers put in their work. Therefore, while the user looks through each interactive card, he will enjoy his exploration time.

The Elongation Preview component does suit the Real Estate, E-Commerce, Travel, Logistics, and Finance mobile applications. It substantially boosts user experience with the app for the provided business industries.

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