Mobile app for logistics companies design concept

Experience the pinnacle of shipment tracking and logistics management with our mobile app for logistics companies' design concepts, curated by the best mobile UX design agency.


This logistics mobile app concept offers a dual-interface system. On the one hand, it provides real-time tracking of shipments, while on the other hand, it facilitates the search for postal services based on specific criteria like time of operation and package weight.

Mobile app for logistics companies design concept

Design Elements

  • Tracking Interface: The tracking section is user-friendly, displaying a clear status, origin, and destination alongside the price of the shipped items. This straightforward design allows for glances to ascertain the progress of each delivery.
  • Search Functionality: A prominent search bar coupled with filter options exemplifies thoughtful design, ensuring users can find postal services without hassle.
  • Interactive Map: Integrating an interactive map with distinct icons allows users to visually pinpoint various post office locations, enhancing the maritime experience.
  • Information Hierarchy: The app smartly categorizes information into 'Delivering,' 'Received,' and 'All' tabs, creating an organized view prioritizing user needs for monitoring shipment statuses.
  • Real-time Updates: Vital for any logistics app, this design concept offers estimated arrival time and operational hours, keeping users informed in real time, which is crucial for efficient logistics planning.
  • Color Scheme and Icons: The color scheme is chosen to enhance visibility, while icons represent different types of shipments, making the interface intuitive and accessible.
  • Price Display: Each shipment entry displays the price, making it easy for users to track their spending on logistics, which is a thoughtful addition for budget-conscious businesses.

Likely Benefits

Adopting this mobile app for logistics companies' design concept could significantly improve operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. It simplifies tracking and managing shipments, providing a seamless user experience that saves time and reduces errors.

Application of the Design Concept

By implementing this design concept, users can effortlessly manage and monitor their shipments with a few taps on their devices. The app's intuitive design and robust functionality support the dynamic needs of modern logistics operations.

Overall, this concept encapsulates the essential features and aesthetic elegance required for a top-tier logistics app, promising to enhance the daily operations of users and logistics companies alike.

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