UI development library to create mobile app slider

Astonish your consumers with a series of incredible onboarding screens that will improve their experience in your mobile application.

Paper Onboarding is an Android UI library written in the Java programming language. Thanks to our mobile app development services company, we have created and shared a free set of onboarding screens so that you can try them out too!

The installation process is relatively simple and doesn’t require that much time:

– Just download the package from here and add it to your project classpath.
– Use the maven repo: ​ Gradle - 'com.ramotion.paperonboarding:paper-onboarding:1.1.3'
– SBT - libraryDependencies += "com.ramotion.paperonboarding" % "paper-onboarding" % "1.1.3"

Before you pass through this text and begin downloading the widget files, we recommend getting acquainted with the significant benefits of Paper Onboarding, which are:

A solid start for a user journey map - all new users might struggle to navigate an app, especially if the interface is entirely unknown. Thus, providing an exceptional first-time user experience is essential to an app's success.

Paper onboarding provides an excellentopportunity to demonstrate how your program works and to provide some fundamental guidelines.

As a final point, let’s discuss the commercial projects for which our onboarding UI framework is most suitable. Paper Onboarding Android fits the following industries: e-commerce, finance, entertainment, and retail. However, since this UI component is a collection of onboarding screens, it would not hurt to incorporate them into any other business industry project.

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