Development module for switching between UI views in a mobile application

Want to highlight certain critical sections of your mobile application but don’t know how you could do it? Paper Switch can assist you with that

Paper Switch is a material design UI module that overlays the parent screen when the switch is on. With the help of our mobile application development company, we developed such an amazing and flexible UI widget.

The installation process of our Swift UI component is fairly simple. In fact, you can choose the approach that you want to take to install it, from the list below:

– Add the RAMPaperSwitch folder to your project.
– Use CocoaPods with Podfile - pod 'RAMPaperSwitch'
– If you are Carthage user, then you can simply add the project to Cartfile via - github "Ramotion/paper-switch"

Generally speaking, the Paper Switch library is a very fancy one for all mobile apps. It is undoubtedly valuable to highlight specific parameters in a user profile or show that a specific function is active. The following are the advantages of a Paper Switch:

– Highlight necessary fields - we’ve already mentioned this one, but Paper Switch is good at highlighting vital sections of the mobile app. It will undoubtedly attract the attention of the user when it is necessary to do so.
– Contribute to the brand identity - You may use this widget also to create consistent and dynamic design assets for your entire mobile app.

When it comes to commercial projects, we can safely state that this library is suitable for practically any mobile application in any given business industry. That is explained by the fact that any mobile application may incorporate such widgets if they need them.

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