React Native UI development library for menu with circular layout

Simplify your navigation mobile app process and create rudimentary access to all significant screens of your digital solution via React Native Circle Menu.

React Native Circle Menu is a system menu where users can freely choose whatever menu section they have with a tip of their fingers. With the help and assistance from our React Native app development company, we made this project open to anybody.

To install this JS UI library, you will need to execute only one simple command, which is - npm install --save @ramotion/react-native-circle-menu

Apart from the simple installation processes, there are certain benefits that this React Native Circle Menu holds. Therefore, please take a lot of them carefully, as they may assist you in developing your main app screens.

Simple Navigation - Unlike a dropdown menu or a toolbar, which needs the user to navigate through numerous sub-menus to reach the desired section, the React Native Circle Menu provides easy access to all significant parts of your application.
Basic Instructions - To avoid wasting time on understanding the structure of your app, the present UI library provides simple access to all introductory sections that a standard mobile app should have.

When it comes to commercial projects and the widget’s application, this particular UI menu library is suitable for E-Commerce, Finance, Real Estate, Entertainment, and Healthcare mobile applications. Apart from that, you can implement it into any other app type you are developing and test whether this particular library fits your user journey map.

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