Ready messenger brand identity design

Crafting a distinctive brand that emphasizes security, privacy, and user engagement, positioning Ready as a pioneer in the blockchain communication space.

Colored brand pattern


Ready is a new-generation messaging application with a crypto wallet and DApp browser integrated. Crafted with a sleek messaging app design, it caters to crypto enthusiasts and novices, as well as individuals and enterprises alike.

At the forefront of messaging app design, Ready is dedicated to elevating the standards of virtual communication. Focusing on security and privacy, it strives to redefine the messaging experience, ensuring all users' convenience and adaptability.


In the initial stages of launching a startup or a new business, the priority often lies in establishing trust, projecting professionalism, and articulating a distinctive value proposition.

The team at Ready sought our brand identity agency expertise in crafting blockchain branding. They aimed to develop a brand identity that mirrors the secure and private environment for cryptocurrency communication and exchange in the Web3 space.


An initial stage of work incorporated a discovery phase, after which we’ve got to the brand personality exercises. Through several sessions with our partners at Ready, we defined the main concept for the brand that formed the basis for the visual identity design.

Our design concept incorporates a hypercube, symbolizing an ideal multidimensional space reflecting the blockchain system. The vertices and faces of the mini-cubes appear as chains, while internal spaces signify knowledge and communication areas. Users freely navigate between these spaces and enable transactions. This hypercube embodies the Sage archetype, organizing and sharing information, while its simplicity reflects the Innocent archetype's values of transparency and safety.


Ready's branding has been instrumental in its success and user engagement. The brand's focus on sleek design and user-friendly features has impressed over 2,000 participants through successful beta programs. Partnerships with major crypto exchanges further showcase the company's influence. The brand promise of security and convenience continues to attract users, setting new standards in the crypto industry.

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Branded elements for social media
Branded badge and brand pattern
Ramotion has been an invaluable partner in shaping our brand's personality and visual identity. From the very inception of our product, they embraced our vision and values, translating them into a branding concept that feels both authentic and original.

Their meticulous attention to detail ensured that our brand identity not only stands out but also resonates deeply with our audience. We greatly appreciate their dedication to creating something truly unique and recognizable.
Trung Nguyen

Trung Nguyen

CEO at Ready
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