Custom UI development library for mobile app search

Save the user’s time and screen space for your mobile application with our elegant and flexible Swift UI library - Reel Search.

Reel Search is a UI controller library responsible for choosing a specific option from the pre-generated list of objects built on the Swift programming language. Thanks to our custom mobile app development company team, we have successfully implemented this small digital project.

There are several installation paths we offer, so consider the following options:

You can use CocoaPods to install the library
You can put it in your Podfile via - pod 'RAMReel'
Carthage users can simply add reel-search to their Cartfile - github "Ramotion/reel-search"

It's an ordinary situation for Android apps to use this user interface library. It is almost essential when filling the form for the required user information. Some of its significant advantages include the following:

If you want to include this widget, you can save a lot of screen space and shorten a user’s time on the form. You will remove any unnecessary information away from the main screen.

Users will prompt only the entries on the list, meaning there will not be any errors when the form is sent.

For commercial applications, our team can safely say that this UI widget can be used in almost every mobile app of any business industry. The reason is quite simple - practically every mobile application has a form to fill.

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