Smart Home Application Design Concept

The design concept developed by Ramotion app design team - smart home microclimate management by centralizing control with an intuitive card slider, a detailed timeline dashboard, and efficient interfaces, ensuring optimal conditions with minimal effort.


The application serves as a hub for monitoring and controlling the microclimate parameters within your home. Centralizing vital information provides you with comprehensive insights into your household environment, allowing you to make adjustments as necessary.

Design Elements

  • Card Slider: Navigate through a series of cards, each displaying a distinct microclimate parameter. This design ensures that information is visually appealing and easily accessible.
  • Timeline Statistics Dashboard: Gain a holistic understanding of your home's microclimate with a historical and predictive timeline, giving context to current conditions and allowing for informed decisions.
  • Tab Bar & Menu: Seamlessly switch between different application functionalities using an intuitive tab bar menu, ensuring quick access to primary features.
  • Control Interface Screen: Dive deeper into specific parameters with a dedicated screen equipped with a user-friendly interface to adjust settings.
  • Branded Colors: The use of distinct, branded colors not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also aids in easily distinguishing between different parameters and sections of the app.

Interaction Flow

Step 1. Navigate the card slider to identify and select the desired microclimate parameter.
Step 2. Once selected, fine-tune and set the required value for optimal conditions.
Step 3. Once adjustments are made, return to the comprehensive dashboard for an overview of all settings.


With the paramount goal of efficiency, this application's design minimizes the number of steps and actions needed to manage numerous parameters, making it effortless for the user. It's streamlined approach reduces clutter while ensuring comprehensive control.

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