Swift app development UI library for organizing a collection of items

Save enough of your screen space and structure your data the way you want, with a flexible Circular Carousel UI library.

A circular carousel is a collection of different items or components located in a horizontal scrolling view. A scaling factor is used to specify the size of items in relation to the center. Thanks to our Swift app development company experts, we developed this fantastic and flexible iOS UI library with the Swift programming language.

The installation procedure is very similar to the other UI libraries we have developed so far. The process branches out in three possible ways:

– Add the CircularCarousel directory to your project
– Use CocoaPods with Podfile - pod 'CircularCarousel'
– Drag and drop the CircularCarousel directory to your project

But before you go ahead and start implementing the library in your existing project, we recommend you look through the benefit points that our team prepared. It will surely help you understand the scenario and the position where you want to place your circular carousel.

– The circular carousel enables more than one piece of content to occupy the same piece of space on your screen. It can help your users in understanding what type of content is located in each separate section.
– Another advantage would be placing enough meaningful and structured information (visual and text) for people to make a transparent choice.

According to our past projects, we suggest that the circular carousel can easily fit in the Event, Marketplace, E-Commerce, Education, and On-demand Delivery mobile apps. In these business areas, you can easily save enough screen space and, at the same time, segment your data accordingly.

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