Virtual reality app menu UI development library

Set the corresponding mood for your VR users and produce flexible navigation with the assistance of our innovative menu UI library.

Virtual Reality Menu is a menu system prototype where a player can freely control the main menu of the game/program with only a user's gaze. Thanks to the assistance from our VR app development company team, we made this project available to anyone.

To install this UI library, you will require a modern browser and a Google Cardboard device. Currently, the browser support for native VR headsets, like Vive or Oculus, is commonly poor. However, it will improve shortly, so just wait for further support from the official developers.

The project is written in Three.js and WebVR Polyfill. If you want to run this UI library, you can simply launch a static file server (with Node.js) in the root of the project while navigating to “main.html” in your browser.

Typically, the menu UI library provides a few benefits to its users, which are:

Simple navigation process - the users can easily browse through the different sections of the VR application.
An integral part of your application - the menu widget serves practically as a core element inside every VR application, as it sets the functional aspect of your application right from the start.

Speaking about the commercial projects and the potential application of the given UI library, our team can say that this menu widget can fit practically any digital project. The menu library can work in any VR app, whether a VR game, simulator or educational digital app.

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