Web design for San Francisco Bay Area EV charging startup

Young and ambitious EV charging startup that is trying to spread the automatic robots for parking across the United States.

During the passing year, our San Francisco Bay Area web design company has cooperated with one of the young and ambitious EV charging startups. Mainly they are focused on providing mobile EV charging stations equipped with automatic robots for parking facilities. Together with our client, we produced a stunning web design for their company.

One of the core factors that our team was focused on is keeping consistency across every single digital asset. The marketing website should not only be concerned with its stunning visual aspect, but rather it should evoke user’ trust. Since your customers can interact with your product’s visible part. Therefore, we decided to design a layout that could tell a transparent and honest story about their product and their company’s services.

Our client was incredibly amazed by the quality of work our team has produced. Together we made stunning design assets for their landing page. Some of them were also used in the marketing campaigns. We enjoyed our efficient collaboration and are very proud of the results we were able to produce.

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